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Thread: Aventador LP700-4U

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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    I could be wrong but I think the doors have more of an out and up action like "aftermarket Lambo Doors." Like the ones guys put on a Honda or a Escalade. When those were popular, my shop made a good living on those Not the true scissor action of the Countach, Diablo, and Murcie years. Not that it matters. Just an observation. Could even be wrong, I have not had time to study it that closely. The door angles when open certainly appear that way. I like the car better than the Reventon. Most lambos grow on me.

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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    Quote Originally Posted by No-Bull
    I'll admit that it's growing on me and the production versions are much cleaner then the concept, test mule and pre-production cars that I seen.

    I'm a big fan of white so that's what I'd take mine in.

    Would I build one... maybe, however I need to get through this LP640 build first and if someone offered a Countach EV kit before I was ready to buy.. my money would go on the EV hands down.

    Someone should get ahold of the designer of that (if it isn't Lambo) and get permission of built kits. You wouldn't have to worry about a law suit since it's not Lambo's design.

    **edit: Looks like the photos were submitted by Flavio Adriani, perhaps the designer. Any builders want to contact him and see if he wants someone to make it real?

    Red is pretty sexy!

    Oh, I like the Aventador in white and can't think of anything I would change.

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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    More than likely the creator of the car gives up their rights to it after a huge paycheck.

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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    I liiike it , i would build it on tube frame ;D

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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    Quote Originally Posted by giveitup2me
    More than likely the creator of the car gives up their rights to it after a huge paycheck.
    Most of the creator will give you their creation for free, in order to see it built.

    of course if you have a rich client, it's fair to get paid for it.
    ... if it's a poor's one (but with enough money to build it anyway), just keep rights on the possible future production, or a fair percentage on it.

    Here the work of David Williams

    some errors due to a very (too much) low ground clearance and big wheels, So the final result will be a little less good.
    there is work to make it "civil" and some shape will have to change for road use
    But as the original (miura) is already fantastic, this concept is rather successful

    It will a real success for a kit-car builder!

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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    now that last design is sweet, lengthen the area between the doors and front tires a little and you could use a vette frame. might even work with some of your ricers also like the supra.

    i would consider it. but right now i need to finish up my 670 project and some chassis

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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    wow this is amazing!!

    ill take 2 please

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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    The design is pretty neat but the huge wheels and tires on it are absolutely ridiculous looking, destroying the appeal of the design... Hotwheels Happy

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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    I was thinking Car-toon's (remember the magazine?) 8)

    Awesome design but I agree that I'd like to see it with some practical rims and tires.


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    Re: Aventador LP700-4U

    If only I was not only knees deep in my build I definetaly would build one

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