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Thread: F430 exhaust for mr2

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    F430 exhaust for mr2

    Ok i bought an 360 ferrari exhaust and plenty of hassles and am looking if anyone who has or sell an f430 exhaust for the mr2 eg replicated ones that bolt up without hassles like dna have but they sell seperate only for kit owners.

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    Re: F430 exhaust for mr2

    You should concider just purchasing the duel tips, exhaust bends, muffler and etc. and just construct it yourself. Or at least tack weld it together and bring it to a muffler shop to finish it.


    Maybe Enzo Design in the UK might be able to help you out. They haven't been on the forum in a while but I'm sure you could get ahold of them. They must have a system they use on there 430 Mr2 kit.

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    Re: F430 exhaust for mr2

    how about using these guys im sure they could throw something together for you!! A mate of mine had a custom exhaust made up for him in an afternoon from these guys.

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