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Thread: engine choices

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    engine choices

    Looking for engine suggestions for my F40 build. Im looking into a v8 350 or a 3800 sc. Does anyone know how to get around 350 hp to 400 hp out of the 3800? Can it be done? If so does anyone have recipe. Thanks Lukester

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    Re: engine choices

    I e-mailed you about a lead. I had a thread posted about a couple of engines for sale, but it didn't catch interest at the time. I won't resurect it.

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    Re: engine choices

    I can't find it. Im sorry if I missed it. Thnks

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    Re: engine choices

    You should search around on Pennock's fiero forum - they have tons of info on this subject

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    Re: engine choices

    I think the general consensus is that the 3800 SC is the best engine choice. The V8's are heavier, and even though they make more horsepower, the added weight slows them down.

    If you do decide to go with a V8, I have a spare V8 kit just collecting dust. I don't know the manufacturer, but it's complete. I paid $700 for it a few years ago. It's for the pre '85 Chevy SBC.

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    Re: engine choices

    For me personally if it's a choice between an iron V6 or an aluminum V8 I'm gonna come down on the side of the aluminum V8. That being said, I decided to turbo my aluminum V8 right off the bat without beefing up the 4t65e hd and now I've sheared the input shaft. Fortunately there are stronger input shafts, bigger chains, better clutches etc. So if I throw enough money at the tranny I'll be ok. If it was a choice between an iron V6 and and an iron V8, I think I might go with the V6 even though I'm a V8 fan and love the V8 sound. I've just heard too many stories about how much cheaper it is to get hp out of the V6. No personal experience with anything except the aluminum V8 though.

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    Re: engine choices

    I'm at a point with my chassis where I need to start looking at engine options and I'm hesitant of making a plate to mate Audi trans to my old 2.8 duke just so I can scare some ppl in neighbourhood.
    Realistically speaking what is the 3800 good for and whats involved to get it into 400hp range? because I'm thinking I should just look into LS3 and have DoD for cruising down the hwy.

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    Re: engine choices

    What transmission? Manual or Auto makes a difference.

    Joe Sokol

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    Re: engine choices

    manual at moment though I may change my mind and go auto
    not very fun in stop and go traffic

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    Re: engine choices

    I just bought a newer Jaguar XJR with the 4.2 litre supercharged V8. It puts out 400hp, and propels my 3500lb Jag like a rocket. I was going to go with the BMW V12 but after buying this car, I am thinking XJR.
    I figure 2500lbs when I am finished with the Diablo, and this car would fly.

    My .02

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