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Thread: Stretching a car

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    Stretching a car

    Has anyone stretched a car by moving the rear shock tower? I want to start my project but i dont want to cut my car in half.

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    Re: Stretching a car

    what kind of car?

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    Re: Stretching a car

    Extreme have , thats how they stretch the MR2 to fit a Murci body

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    Re: Stretching a car

    Some of the 355 kits require only a 3 inch stretch, which can be done on a Fiero by drilling holes 3 inches back from the OEM shock tower bolts.

    That said, I don't think cutting the car in half is that big a deal, as long as you take careful measurements and make sure the welds are strong. After all, a car starts out at the factory as flat pieces of sheet metal, bent and welded together just the same.

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    Re: Stretching a car

    By moving the tower, you are changing the entire lower suspension points as well. I wouldn't think it possible to only move the top alone. Seems to me that would be a more critical type of modification than the stretch.

    If you are referring to the MR2 Stretch.....It's not a difficult process. Looks far more intimidating than it really is.
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