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Thread: OSM Hades Build Diary

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    OSM Hades Build Diary

    Alright so I'm starting a topic in hopes to get the motivation to work on my project.

    What is OSM? ... nothing at the moment but I hope to create a kit car company sometime in the future with the initials OSM.

    What will it look like? I'm not sure but my hope is to create a brand new vehicle that isn't a replica. For me, personally, I wouldn't want a replica Ferrari unless Enzo himself couldn't tell it was a fake and that would be pretty pricey and long in building. I want the car to be menacing that's why I chose the name Hades. (Oh all the cars I plan to build will be named after Greek mythology).

    Target Platform:
    - Toyota MR2 - no stretch.

    - A bolt-and-paint car. All people would have to do to build the Hades would be to bolt on a new body. I think I'm planing on replacing the door skin so it will be a little more involved than just bolting but I'm going to leave the windows and top alone.

    I still have a lot to learn about the MR2 but I hope to use this thread as a feedback board.

    Here is the OSM Logo (Omega) that will go on all OSM cars

    and the Hades logo that will go on the car (made in blender3d)

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    Re: OSM Hades Build Diary

    Have you started your design? Do you have any CAD files to show us what you are doing beside making a logo? You also might want to have a logo that you can Trademark and the Ohm logo cannot be Trademarked. It sounds like you are working on something and it would be great to see more.

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    Re: OSM Hades Build Diary

    I have some hand draw sketches but my hand drawing ability sucks so if I posted those I'd be laughed out of the forum So once I get the CAD designs done I'll post them

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    Re: OSM Hades Build Diary

    Alright I've decided to scan my current line drawings. I'm still not happy with the front end. Also I'm not an artist so my lines are pretty crooked. Hope you can still get the gist of it.

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    Re: OSM Hades Build Diary

    How is your business plan coming along? (do not start a business until you have written on)

    Keep us posted on your progress.

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