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    Some of you may remember that I've had a couple of bad experiences with lambostuff, well I decided to bite the bullet and give them a shot at redeeming themselves. I gotta say I'm extremely impressed! I placed an online order for an emblem and a few miscellaneous things. I was in no real hurry to get them and that's why I did it online as opposed to ordering on the phone. I also figured that because of the extended Thanksgiving weekend that the order probably wouldn't get processed until Monday. But I was wrong, my order was confirmed processed and shipped all within an hour! Tracking number and all! I was pleasantly surprised and I just had to share! If any of the lambostuff staff are reading this, THANK YOU!

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    I remember when Jason was doing items out of his garage (8-9 years ago or longer) Amazing how a hobby can turn into a lucrative business, Glad you got the service all customers deserve. I'm sure they try..
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