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Thread: Looking for f355

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    Looking for f355

    Hello all i'm looking to purchase a Ferrari 355 kit and donor car ..
    Anyone have anything for sale?

    Would even consider kits that are finished or not finished.

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    Where are you located? There are a few of us selling in the Mall and there are always kits finished, unfinished and not started showing up on ebay as well.

    Also think about what you are willing to pay for a finished or partially finished kit as well so you can target your search a bit.

    Good luck
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    I haven't done anything on my AD355 roadster with a N* installed by a Cadillac mechanic at his dealership since i got my G28. Body mounted by Air Dynamics. Make me an offer. I have Amidas interior too.

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    To: Don Im located in Mississippi..

    To: dratts1 Send me some pictures and i'll make decent offer if it's what i'm looking for..

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    Hi are you looking for a coupe or convertible spider?

    I have a convertible that's finished

    I'm in California pm me if interested

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    If you're still looking for an F355 kit, please feel free to contact me - direct email is prefered.

    I have an original, unbuild, super-nice CK-3 F355 Spyder kit in grey primer. I also have a running Fiero V6 5-spd as a donor, if you're looking for both....
    This is a solid, well made original kit (not a copy of a copy) and it has separate lower panels (unlike the cheaper IFG kits).

    I can sell the F355 CK-3 kit (Canadian build, long out of business) separately for less money...

    Both Fiero and kit are located in NY zip 12603

    So if you haven't purchased a kit already, please contact me for further details and photos.

    Regards - Bill K.
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    My name is Dave Newman. I have a nice 355 and a brain tumor. I can not drive a standard shift any longer. You can contact a me at You can read my build diary here under FunnyWheels goes topless.
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    F355 in Denver FOR SALE!!!

    ***************** Selling my F355 Spyder ..... 240 HP Grand Prix 3.8 V6, Held Motor Sports/wide-track suspension kit, big/ventilated brakes, all new components, etc.!!!!

    Also I have an extra F355 dash top conversion cover plus a F355 Berlinetta Coupe hardtop assembly if anyone has an interest.... see my car ad here >>>

    see links to other pix sites for 4 videos & 80-some pix in that ad!!!!
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