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Thread: Nigel Rees, aka XPERT360, founder of Dragon Exotics is a THIEF, LIAR and a FRAUD!!

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    Nigel Rees, aka XPERT360, founder of Dragon Exotics is a THIEF, LIAR and a FRAUD!!

    Nigel Rees, aka XPERT360, founder of Dragon Exotics, is a THIEF, LIAR and a FRAUD. People should be warned about him so no one would fall for his trickery again.

    I made the first deposit for my 5cudo build in November 2010 with the expectation that the car would be finised and delivered in April 2011. When I asked for progress photos in early 2011, photos of another DNA owner’s car were sent to me which Nigel claimed to be photos of my car. Nigel then asked for more money to be deposited to his personal bank account for subsequent stages of the build which I did, thinking everything was moving along according to the plan and I would be able to drive away in my 5cudo in April. Came April, however, I was told the car was not ready and more time would be needed to finish it. Over the following months, excuses such as sickness and other people’s builds getting in the way of mine were used by Nigel as reasons why no progress had been made on my car. Despite that, Nigel repeatedly reassured me and told me to have faith in him and Dragon Exotics that my 5cudo build would get done. By September, came the news that Dragon Exotics was no longer in business and I was left in shock thinking what was going to happen to all the money that I'd sent to Nigel, the 5cudo kit and my donor Cougar. He asked me to sent him more money and gave me a personal promise that he would complete my build by himself. In the following two months, he sent me emails saying how much progress he has made on my car and it would only take him another couple of months to complete it. He also said he would send me photos to prove it. These photos never came. Then in November, he told me he could not finish the car on his own and I should find someone else to finish the car for me. I managed to recover my Cougar and most of the 5cudo kit from Nigel (bonnet is still missing). When the car got picked up, I was shocked to find that no work wantsoever had been done to my Cougar!

    Nigel has refused to refund. He has now stopped all forms of communication with me and has vanished into thin air. I am now £8000 out of pocket because of him.

    Nigel, have some decency and give me back what you owe me.

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    post some pics maybe......

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    Quote Originally Posted by janman92 View Post
    post some pics maybe......

    Pics of? My donor Cougar? It looks just like any other factory Cougar and it's hardly worth posting up.

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    I have learned that every single "builder " out there will rip you off - if you are not local and cant visit and view the progress personally

    Just don't even buy a kit car if you can't build it yourself or don't know a local builder where you can personally monitor the progress

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    even local builders will TRY and screw you over.

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    Kill him. I'm really tired of these scumbags.

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    Obviously he is not man enough to explain himself on this forum.

    Shame on you, Nigel. SHAME ON YOU.

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    what happened about this ? did strdal get his money back?

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