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Thread: Rip off culture

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    Rip off culture

    I just do not understand folk... I was looking fir a pair of heads for my V12, pre-he and saw a guy on ebay selling a pair. start price for used heads.... 400 plus 100 postage. I asked him if he had made a mistake, as I only paid 75 for my whole engine.. His answer stuns me, I appologise if you are on this forum, but this is wrong. I would pay 100 (I guess for a pair of old heads)

    ''Looks as if you got a great deal if you only paid 75 for a complete engine. Its worth more than that as scrap. As far as the heads are concerned, there's no point in having a 0.99 start price and having only one bidder! These heads are often used for racing and can be flowed, whereas the HE heads are not suitable. There are not many Pre-HE engines around now and I expect to see at least
    400 (eventually, though it may takke a few listings!). Thanks for your interest''

    What gets me is I just bought 2 brand new turbos (t3/T4 hybrids) from China, advertised at 185 each or offer, I offered 115 each which was accepted, now that was a result!

    To make the flanges for the turbos I phoned around some local engineering shops for the steel, 10mmx110mmx145mm 2 bits, I got quoted 20+vat!! what has happened to the UK

    Sorry if you don't agree with me but after coming back from the
    Middle East I have really noticed how things have declined.

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    uhhm, had some bad experience with those china turbos....
    on a crx trubo( lol funny compinatin) they blew me away twice (the inner like of the cold side;dont know the name) moreover the oil inlets weren round and so on, very bad quality turned out that there was no other way than propper turbos....
    but now lets hope your are betta

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