Hi Guys
I have had a nightmare trying to find someone who can do my decom plates my V12, the size of the gaskets have put most outfits off and then the quoation has put me off, I have had ridiculous quotations!
Then when I was getting my heads skimed in Iver, Bucks, i was told about an outfit in Cowley Middlesex called. They are making the decompression plates for my V12 to allow the bigger turbos to work.. Cutting the 2mm 5000 series aluminium plate with a laser to the exact shape of my head gaskets. I had a look at their work and workshop, apart from being seriously jealous, their work is simply stunning, and they do not try and rip you off!!
Small Order Springs&Pressings Ltd - home page
If you need anything intricately cut from steel or aluminium they are the people, ask for Alan on +44 1895 420 149

Sorry I am shamelessly plugging them BUT they deserve it

They can scan an original, vectorise it then cut it... simple!