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Thread: Lambo Lords scammers

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    Lambo Lords scammers

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    I found these guys while browsing through the San Diego craigslist section.

    It's like seriously guys if you wanna hustle people at least don't use pictures of Mario Andretti and Tanner Foust on the site or download Piggyontherun's build video.

    Spread the word so we shut them down ASAP.

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    Good find! Phoenix AZ huh? Isn't that Rob's (RobsLP640) neck of the woods? If you read their webpage, it has the same poor grammar and spelling Rob is known for in his posts.
    I like how at the end he says that if you pay in full from the start, your build can be completed even faster lol! They even offer a "panoramic" roof, which is something Rob does to his cars and is very proud of.
    I cant say for sure, but I'm betting this is Robs newest scam.......
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