Sorry for the negative guys, but I want to put the info out there for future customers. In April 2019, I had my credit card billed for $1200 US by Norms Fiberglass for an F40 rear window and shipping to Tucson Az. ( I live in Mazatlan, Mexico) Drove 1500 miles return to Tucson, hotelled it for 6 days and no window. He then offered to have it delivered DHL to Mazatlan with no extra charge for my trouble. Over 4 months later, tons of email and phone call promises, and still no window. Emails now are being ignored. I put a lawyer on him with a legal letter and it was ignored. I guess he figured being where I am, it would all just go away. I am more disappointed about having an undriveable car, than about the money. Too many of these guys out there doing this. I have still some future plans for this guy. Steve