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Thread: Paypal warning!

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    Paypal warning!

    Just a warning to everyone:
    I was recently cheated when paying for an ebay auction using paypal. I thought only sellers were commonly cheated
    (As I have been cheated as a seller too by people reversing paypal payments months after they've paid and I've shipped... but that's a whole other story, read for more info ) but it turns out buyers aren't protected either...

    You are only covered under their buyer protection if the seller has a feedback rating of over 50, has 98% positive comments or higher, and the value of the auction is under $250.

    I paid for my auction, the seller (Who had 100% positive feedback, but under 50) never shipped the item, and paypal says they can't recover any of my money, even though it is less then $250.

    I'm one of the lucky ones though, as about 15 people have bought stuff from this guy and most people bought items which were $500-1500. My loss may not be as great as theirs, but this is still very, very wrong.

    Because I was cheated in the past I now never use paypal when selling items, only when buying. I was under the impression that it was safer then other methods of payment - I mean buyers have reversed auction payments on me even though I shipped the item, how hard could it be to reverse a payment if the item truly hasn't shipped? Now I know its not.

    Now I won't be using paypal for buying or selling on ebay.
    Just a word of caution.

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    Re:Paypal warning!

    Just in time Ari, I was about to do alot on E-bay tonight so I could get things done next weekend. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Re:Paypal warning!

    Ari, they must have changed their policy.

    Back in June 2003 or so, I ordered a new in box 355 exhaust for $500 via PayPal.

    I payed for the Item, and it FINNNALLLLY arrived.
    Anyway, I was already heated with the long delay, I was really upset when the package arrived and even though it was new, it had been banged around a bit, shipping, wharehouse, wherever.

    Anyway, PayPal credited my account the $500 that I spent, only because the sellers account still had those funds in it, or adequate funds to cover $500. After a few days the seller contacted me and we resolved the dispute.

    But like I said, maybe they changed policy. I don't remember how many (stars) this guy had, maybe more than 50.

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    Re:Paypal warning!

    :-\ I gotta add,,,,,,,what other options do you have? I have had good luck with PayPal always doing me right.
    I just finished a bad deal with a seller who would not answer any of my E-mails on an Item. After about three weeks I contacted PayPal and started and investigation. THEN he decided to E-mail me. Granted,,,,,,,He didn't refund till I started a dispute with my credit card company,,,,,,,,,but they got his attention!

    If you send a check or worse yet,,,a money order,,,,what recourse would you have? By using PayPal,,,,,you have the power of your credit card company on your side! The other options leave you all alone to threaten or take the loss.
    It costs you nothing to dispute a charge,,,,,,it still costs to stop payment on a check (i think).

    BTW,,,,,I was trying to get one of those "Lamborghini Service Center" signs. Make sure you check negative feedback on a seller and then double it! This seller threatened to leave negative feedback if I left it. Why bother?
    Flawed system,,,,,,,,what can you do? 8)

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    Re:Paypal warning!

    I think that Paypal is revamping some of their policies, they were purchased by EBAY not too long ago..Have you noticed that there is no way to contact a real person for help...just like EBAY? I'm sure they will make it a better deal, but they're sure not out to lose any money..not one nickel.

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    Re:Paypal warning!

    Looks like I spoke too soon: after waiting for ten days paypal was able to recover 92% of my money!

    I feel bad for the other buyers though, as they weren't able to recover any of their money for some reason. I guess I got lucky.

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    Re:Paypal warning!

    Paypal itself is great. I use it for everything money online.
    If i do work nationwide or internationally (Belgium, Canada,
    Japan, you name it) i always use Paypal to get paid or to order
    stuff online.

    Paypal will never steal money or move it by itself. The problem
    is knowing who you deal with. Anything under $50, i feel safe
    buying on ebay from sellers with feedback of 0+. Above $50
    and they better be very helpful and prove their worth or a high
    feedback rating. There's always bad people that give it a bad
    name by abusing features.
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    Re:Paypal warning!

    My company has had more than 3000 Paypal transactions this year, totaling more than $500,000. We have not had a single fraud problem, and no reversals (knock on wood).

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    Re:Paypal warning!

    i dont have a paypal but i have another warning for you all. i have heard that paypal has been sending out e-mails but its not from them. it will send you to a site to get more info on you that is not needed. dont know if you all have heard but i thought id tell you about it too.
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    Re:Paypal warning!

    I just recieved this email but our scanmail system cleaned it up before I could open it.

    “WORM_MIMAIL.J” virus was found in attachment “”, ScanMail has deleted the attachment.

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