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Thread: Another 355 SCAM...

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    Another 355 SCAM...

    This car,

    Which is purported to be in Hawaii is not what it appears to be.

    I pesonally looked at this car when it was in SALEM, OREGON before it was sold to a member HERE on the forum and went to Washington, DC. I suppose it "could" have been sold to a guy in Hawaii but consider this...

    Some of the more obvious (and humerous):

    The totally built up Northstar Motor doesn't exsist (as you can see the 2.8 intake in one pic) or at least didn't exist when I previewed it for a buyer.

    The car is not RED as he says, but YELLOW as it shows.

    Those would be GM / AC Delco "power doors and windows", not Blaupunkt.

    Some of the other tid bits...

    The car is on it's fourth owner AT LEAST, not the "original owner" as he says.

    Front wheels rub the finder liners really badly and won't turn but half way because of the MASSIVE wheels spacers on the car.

    Paint issues are far more than they appear.

    The rear right a-arms was twisted like a pretzel when I seen it last... I hope they fixed that.

    Chrome on one wheel was flaked off the center cap badly.

    That's enough picking for now but I have about 100 pictures of this car that I took during the inspection if anyone want's to see the truth.

    It's to bad I can post something to the Kit Car Ads to save somebody the trouble.

    Giving the benefit of the doubt that the car did magically appear in Hawaii, it's not being described accurately and truthfully. That being said, I highly doubt it is IN Hawaii and it's a fair assumption tht if anyone BUYS this car, they will get nothing for their money... Not even a poorly described car.

    Soooo sad.

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    Re:Another 355 SCAM...

    I think that is the same car someone on forums was talking about a while back. They had contacted the seller and was really insistent that it was legit. He said the color was just a misprint and it really did have a n*, what you saw in the picture was just an engine cover. You know how everyone wants to cover up the ugly n* with a nice shiny Fiero plenum?
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    Re:Another 355 SCAM...

    Engine cover? Oh that's rich!!! LOL!!!

    I should post all the pictures I took of that car. That way we can all have a good laugh at the current description

    DKOV -

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    Re:Another 355 SCAM...

    Please do!!! that would be funny
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