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Thread: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

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    360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    FYI - There is a 360 Modena spider kit for a MR2 listed at Kitcars Classifieds

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    Re: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    Hello friend Ferrari360,

    now we would like to report to ourselves to word. Please you excuse our English, our home language is German, therefore this comment is written also in German.

    We would like to end the speculations at last, whether there is a kit or not.

    First of all, MRF360 would like to thank for your interest in our Toyota kit we.

    The denotation of the kit results from legal grounds. Before our kit in series is sold, we must protect ourselves legally opposite Ferrari.

    At the evolution of the vehicle are companies increases involves. The main contact is Mr.Torsten Prochnow. We want to offer a high-quality vehicle common (under no circumstances the usual kits).

    Our job is tested currently from the German testing and research laboratory. After these tests we receive an EG-certification. Our kit receives also a protection of designs. This protects our parts and will have validity worldwide. Photocopiers are sued by us immediately.

    Our kit will dress always a Toyota and remain always a Toyota.

    Pictures the kindly from Mr. elpis were published, are from the evolution of our company compound. These should prove that we work on this kit.

    The initial serial start was to the March 2004 planned. Unfortunately we had problems with the integration of the original deck of the Toyotas. In May was decided, that to alter original deck. Compares the functionality with the model, and to be a Perfect Solution.

    All new body parts are attached at the original- fixing- points. Also the slit measures are according to norm German implemented (millimeter 3,5-4,0). There will not be any conflict points of the door and bonnet elements. Also the stiffness of the parts at an accident has highest priority. Parts damaged at an accident can be ordered with a separate schedule of prices. From safety reasons we do not give any releasing for the repair of these parts (selfinsurances must accept that). Onto repaired parts we give no guarantee (Assurance).

    The elements as headlights, taillights, door handles, are mirrors and so forth original parts. These can be bought at us or your Ferrari for trader. These are not copied under any circumstances since you are necessary for the safety.

    Prefabricated vehicles are loaded with a new logo (MRF), under no circumstances with Ferrari. If you change the logo, that is your problem.

    Who was occupied with kits, can follow which investment a comparable project implementing is necessary. So he should consider whether he begins this also as us.

    The GFK-Kit will cost probably 7000 EUR, plus the deck conversion and the original parts of Ferrari. The arrangement of the kit will last for a pro a maximum of 14 days. The Toyota basis vehicles should not show any frame damage, maximal easy body damages (Body of the Toyota is not needed anymore). The screws, hinges and seals keep on being needed.

    We will employ wheels of the company (Model Modena) probable and recommend wheels of the company (Model Modena) (behind 10.0J x18 and in front 7.5J x18), (behind 275/40ZR18 and in front 215/40ZR18).
    In order these wheels to guarantee a specific one pressing depth (-ET) to drive a secure and rapid. The puncture ring is adapted by 4x100 on 5x130. The necessary for this purpose spacer is very small. The one pressing depth is reached with the rim (Product made to specification).

    The kit formed by us makes various options of the Motor-Tunings for you possible. The bottom cover is optional, to close as with the model completely (Repeat order).
    The turbulence is reduced thus considerably. The vehicle is supposed to be advanced continuously in order to make a further Tuning for the customer possible. As inspiration the Ferrari-tuners should serve.

    Our end users should prove therefore still some patience and not make any rash decisions which you could regret then.

    We hope for having created some topic for conversation with this comment. There will be critics who must talk always.

    We are those ones at traders our product (MRF) to want to sell interests. These traders must be able to show references. Also these must verify a solvency check.
    We negotiate with various traders worldwide.
    Since we want to produce great numbers and to send great numbers, the bank credit of the trader is important for us.

    You have the possibility to apply as traders with us.

    Send us your application so that we can test these.

    You receive an information from us if all factors are ended.

    We go out, that we will supply from June 2004 (or may???)

    Greetings from Germany

    Company Kitcars360

    in the house T&T GmbH tire world

    Schnellerstrasse 130-132

    12439 Berlin


    Torsten Prochnow

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    Re: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedRacer
    FYI - There is a 360 Modena spider kit for a MR2 listed at Kitcars Classifieds
    The guy selling this is running a scam. I tried to buy it and offered full asking price. He asks for payment up front via bank wire. I offered to come get it in person with payment in hand. He refused, saying he couldn't allow a stranger to come to his house. Yea, right. But I can send a stranger 10k in cash?
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    Re: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    If he is truly a scam you may want to notify the admin of to prevent a naive person from being cheated

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    Re: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    Quote Originally Posted by Ari
    If he is truly a scam you may want to notify the admin of to prevent a naive person from being cheated
    I actually tried to place an ad stating what happened, along with a WTB notice. That was over a week ago and my ad has yet to show up. I also sent them an email with no reply. I just figured the admistrators didn't want a whistle blower ad appearing on their site. They dont' seem very responsive over there, and frankly, I just dont have time to keep trying.

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    Re: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    Damn Looking good, too bad I dont got the cash otherwise that would be the kit of my choice a 360 Modena, anyone know of anywhere else, possibly in Canada (Calgary is where I am) that seels a 360 kit? Fiero stretch base if possible, MR2 base if needed I guess

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    Re: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    Here are pictures from Germany!

    Greetings from Germany

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    Re: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    Interesting to see the 360 kit posted on 20 or so links. Nice car.
    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    I was wondering the same thing... how often does this guy have to spam this forum with these pictures... I think we got the point after the first 19 times! :
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    Re: 360 Modena Spider MR2 Kit For Sale

    well at first they did not talk to certain people on the forum ,an now the EXTREME kit is being releasted they are back now for one last desperate attempt at getting some customers , but paying $3000.00 for those rear trailing arm relocators is crazy ,i tried to talk to them several times an they gave me the runaround so i purchased something else ,can you get replacement parts if you have a accident in one of their re organized body kits :
    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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