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    This is a e-mail from DKOV in March 20 he sent to me:

    So, just to see if I have this correct...

    You want:

    2 Sets of 355 vents at $450 each
    1 355 Sticker Set at $75
    1 full set of 355 interior switches at $???

    My instrument cluster does NOT look like that. It has no inlays for the warning lights. I'm not sure if I can find that piece.

    As for the switches... The price is based on actually FINDING all the parts you are looking for. New, they are MUCH more than $180 for the set but I can save a bunch of money for you by finding them used. However, that takes some time sometimes. I have quite a few in stock now but not ALL of them.

    Anyway, I have no problems with getting you the vents and Sticker Set as those I have in stock now. But I wont charge you for the switches until I have them.

    Is that fair?


    I paid hem at april 7th and till now I haven't received any things from hem, if any one wanna get parts from hem Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??? ??? ???

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    then here is the first excuse at april:

    As I said in the last post, the 2nd set of vents are on their way here. I expect them in about a week. They were ordered on Friday from Atlanta. When they get here, I will ship them all together rather than waste the money on shipping two packages. I will forward the shipping info as soon as possible.

    Thanks again



    Golden wrote:

    Did u send the parts yet?
    ----- Original Message -----
    To: Golden
    Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 3:05 AM
    Subject: Re: F355 Parts Invoice - revised

    I did... I am getting the other set of vents ordered in today. I had one in stock and the other set is on it's way. Everything else is boxed up and ready to go. I'll forward the shipping info as soon as possible. Thanks



    Golden wrote:

    I sent the money by paypal do u get it?

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: <>
    To: <>
    Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 2:56 AM
    Subject: F355 Parts Invoice - revised


    Scott Kovalik ( would like to be paid through PayPal.

    Money Request Details

    Amount: $1,701.00 USD
    Note: This is the Invoice for the F355 parts quoted you.

    2 sets HVAC Vents
    1 set OEM Gauges with Pod
    1 set 355 faux stiker set

    Thanks again,


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    And here is more.......

    Hey buddy...

    Thanks for the post and note. As you've no doubt heard, I lost a ton of stuff on my PC and you were one of the folks that got hit the worst. I have nothing for you except the notes I took for your order.

    No shipping information, no copy of you paypal payment... etc.

    I do know that you paid and are current. I know that you had ordered two sets of OEM vents and that one is in stock and the other is due any time. I know that you have a sticker set as well. I know that you prepaid shipping too through USPS.

    If there is anything else, please remind me but that's the information I have now.

    I do need your shipping information though.


    after I sent all the info I still got nothing?????????????

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    Thanks for a single thread on this instead of posting it all over....

    I still don't see the problem. Scott said he had all your stuff that was in stock boxed and ready to go and was waiting on some other things...

    Then he sent you a message saying that his computer had fried and all shipping info was lost. He acknowledged that you had paid and he wanted to ship your stuff...

    You didn't mention what date that last correspondence that you posted actually took place... But we do know that within a few days of Scott's computer getting up and running again, he had a death in the family and he has spent the last couple of weeks going through all of that.

    As I mentioned in the other thread, he has several thousand dollars of my money too for the car he is building for me... I knew about the death and what he was going through so I gave him some space. He called me day before yesterday and told me that he was still working on getting his aunt settled but was slowly starting to get back into his business dealings again...

    The point I am making is, from what I have read on the forum and from what you have posted here, there hasn't been that much time pass since Scott told you that he needed your info because of a computer crash... I don't think he had his uncle die just to rip anyone off or hold up the build of your kit car... The note he wrote to you seemed polite and friendly. I think he just had to handle his family priorities and now he is ready to get back to work. I don't think anyone can blame a man for that...

    Seems to me that if you can calmly work this out instead of all this internet trashing, it will be a better deal for everyone involved... And pray that someone gives you time to deal with circumstances should the need ever arise...; &nbsp; &nbsp;; &nbsp; &nbsp; [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    I agree with Songman. I often disagree with people regarding the design and styling of the different 355 kits but, that stuff is just my opinions and I will stand behind them as other stand behind theirs. On the other hand though, I think Scott will pull through for you on your parts.

    Many people have problems with their suppliers too. We are in the middle of a group purchase of windshields that have encountered several delays. That is just how the business functions. As a matter of fact, Bondo Bob located a Saturn headlight for John Watson based upon information on this forum regarding a car John is building for Scott.

    Lets try to stick helping each other build cars, talking about various design features ofkits and discussing strategies to help each other build them. A few years back I waited 10 months for suspension parts from Ryane Motor Sports in 1998 for my first build, very frustrating. On the other side of a story like that are people like Duane Cox who took two days out of his vacation to drive over to Tampa from the Chicago area just to help me get my car wired up and running.

    I'm very thankful to all of these people on the forum because we all share a common interest.

    I know the frustration of searching for parts, I searched for Ferrari parts for years to build my car. They are hard to locate at times (I still need a 355 rear rim to complete an extra set). When a Ferrari model goes out of production, they sell all of the parts in stock to NOS parts suppliers. Use parts dry up fast and new parts get expensive. That is just the process we have to use to build our hobbies.

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Well then it must be my fault. In my line of business if I accepted services like this from all my suppliers I don't think I would remain in business for very long! Even if one supplier let me down whatever the reasons, is not good news no matter how you put it. My last reason for doing this whether or not all Scott's friends a willing to listen or not is that I contacted Scott over 2 weeks ago and told him to send over what he had of my order in stock straight away (even though when I paid for my order he told me he had EVERYTHING I wanted IN STOCK) and the rest I will wait for and even pay for the extra shipping. Scince that email over 2 weeks ago he has not made contact with me!? Why? Everyone may think I'm hard but it's been the whole lack of responses, excuses and delays that has brought about the lack of faith. I have received an email from another customer of Scott who complained that Scott had not made contact with him and he has been waiting for the same amount of time as me. And why am I STILL waiting for Scott to contact me to tell me what he's going to do about this after all the posts 'I' 'him' and 'others' have made? About 5 days have past scince then?

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    Well, I know where you're coming from DJ_, but I think you're going about it the wrong way .... Pick up the 'frigging phone', make contact, and be clear on exactly what you want! While having no involvment in your business deal, it is clear that the original order has changed. That, and some personal problems that DKOV has SHARED on this forum should suggest SOME SLACK! I know neither of you, and yes, it's frustrating to endure 'endless' waiting, but I think contacting each other by phone, then following up your discussion with an email, would probably be in the best interests of both of you.
    And 'stepping' into other threads on this forum to vent your problem does little to help your cause.....
    PICK UP THE PHONE... both of you!
    my .02

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    i wish all businesses ran as smoothly without any hiccups such as the one you are involved in DJ
    of course the human element can get in the way sometimes

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    No one said anything was your fault, dj... But by your own words, the original order was all in stock but then you changed that... Your main complaint seems to be no contact from Scott in the last couple of weeks.. The reason for that has been well documented on the forum.

    I don't know what business you are in. Hopefully you are not in a small business where you are the only one responsible for getting things done. If you are, I guess you are saying that family responsibilities would just have to wait until all your orders got filled.. Sure, in a perfect world that is the way it should be. Is your world really that perfect? Mine isn't. Scott did what he felt was the best (and quickest) way to inform his customers of his situation. He posted the complete story here on the forum in leiu of calling everyone individually. Maybe you missed that post...

    No one is saying this is all your fault. I think what we are saying is that maybe it is best now for both of you to back up and fix this instead of ruining the forum with it. I've watched Pennock's turn into a constant battleground over the past few years and I don't want to see that happen on this forum.; &nbsp; &nbsp;; &nbsp; &nbsp; [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    I've not wanted to bring this here on the forum. I've responded to these questions posted here on the various other threads DJ posted to and didn't feel it was appropriate to repost everything again here. I just assumed DJ would read the answers posted there and through the various emails that I've sent, but apparently DJs not getting.

    As I wrote and posted... DJ, you knew that the Vents were on order NOT in stock. You asked me to wait to ship them until they were ALL in stock in order to avoid another $145 dollars in shipping.

    You did ask me to send the vents IF I had them in stock but if I didn't, you'd like to change the order to the tails. Which I did have in stock. You also said that you'd pay the differenc in price of the tails versus the vents. However, you said that you'd pay an extra $50 for them when they cost an extra $550. I made that correction to you and asked what you wanted me to do.

    I've not heard that answer yet. Just all this bickering.

    As I posted on the other thread, that was the obvious cause of THIS thread...

    I will send you what I have in stock and refund you the difference OR wait for you to send me the balance on the tails and ship them together. This has been YOUR choice for going on three weeks now.

    Once made, this will conclude our business.

    DKOV -

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