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Thread: Ever bought from Fiero Interior Conversions??

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    Ever bought from Fiero Interior Conversions??

    My buddy is looking for a 355 interior. Has anybody ever bought from or heard about this guy at Fiero Interior Conversion? His site is pretty basic but he seems to know his stuff and his center console is the most authentic I've seen yet... Kinda looks like the interior posted for sale a few days ago, that's why I ask.

    Fiero Interior Conversion

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    Re:Ever bought from Fiero Interior Conversions??

    It is the same interior I posted photos of on this site. He is ok to do business with regard to the interior package. I plan to purchase one for my car as soon as it is painted.

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    Re:Ever bought from Fiero Interior Conversions??

    I have not actually purchased from him yet but plan to. He will respond promptly to everyone of your emails. His interior is VERY complete and even offers it upholstered and assembled. Dollar for dollar you cant top it, in my opinion, especially with the customer support.
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