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Thread: Who is George Fejer

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    Who is George Fejer

    I just received this email, if anyone can help him please let me know thru this thread.

    >Subject: Informations need about George Fejer
    >Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 10:02:41 +0200 (CEST)
    >Dear Sir!
    >My name is XXXXXXX, and im writing from Hungary.
    >I have a relly big problem. My girlfriend's father has made a Kit Car
    >factory with an ex Canadian George Fejer in Hungary.
    >He told us he is the number one kitcar builder in canada, and showed
    >us pictures of his job, but now we started over 1.5 years ago the build
    >of an fiero based F40 but what we invested money in i cant see how it
    >will come back!
    >George told us he can produce over 50 !!! cars per year.
    >I cant beleive he knows what he say.He told us he had a factory in
    >Barrie near Toronto.
    >He explained the total build costs about 20.000 USD, but the tools (just
    >all broken) and the molds (fro F40 only) and the used V8 northstar
    >engine, plus 3 fiero chassis costed 250.000 USD, we belived him
    >because he told the moast of the stuff are in Canada, but 1.5 years
    >waiting for shipping is absolutley unbealivible.
    >Please if you know him, or know srtg more of his projects in canada
    >please answer it to me in email.
    >Thanks a lot of your help!
    >With the best regads XXXXXXX from hungary.

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    Re: Who is George Fejer

    Well I went to canada411 and searched but I couldent find a Fejer, George in Ontario now that "technically" doesnt mean he isent in Ontario because he could have a private number and it wouldent show but if this* Izsó László Alfréd* had an address or something I could search it that way but I doubt he has that
    Its sad when you hear stories like this because it could happen to anyone of us
    Give him my regards

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    Re: Who is George Fejer

    I searched again just with the last name and I didnt find any with G Fejer BUT I found some Fejer...if that helps?
    heres the http I got.
    Maybe he can link it somehow and give them a shout...I hope it helps

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    Re: Who is George Fejer

    The funny thing is he is an influence of Brian Wolff. The same guy that did the GREAT job on Ari's car.


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    Re: Who is George Fejer

    Jim, back in 91 when I was researching to build my first kit car, I visit Fejer's shop in Berrie. I was on a course in CFB Borden at the time and a buddy and I went down to visit his shop. He have a very nice shop in Berrie and was making very nice turn key's and Kits there. He had one of the best 328 Kits that I have ever seen. He also use to have an ad in Kit Car Mag around that time also. Thats how I found him. But I thought he was long done.... I haven't heard his name in about ten years......

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    Re: Who is George Fejer

    Started in Otawa,then Barrie. he had 1/2dozen names after that and moved to Florida. we talked about him last year with some local kit car builders.
    personaly I don't know him, only what I heard.

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    Re: Who is George Fejer

    I have never heard anything bad about him...only that ferrari came down heavy on him ...might explain the different names ....part of the rumour I heard he wasn't even allowed to be in the bodyshop business after ferrari was finished with him

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    Re: Who is George Fejer

    In the early 90s I bought a 328 kit from George Fejer.
    I think it was one of the last few kits that he sold.

    It was a good kit (better than my 355 kit) and I was happy with it.
    I think that V8 Archie bought his 328 from Fejer also.

    They hand delivered the kit all the way from Canada to South Georgia!

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    Re: Who is George Fejer

    Sounds like someone else on this site eh!

    I get a lot of e-mails like this one looking for money to get burried treasure out of Iraq, etc.

    It is a scam using some known names in the industry.

    Once you respond to the e-mail, they will know they have a good address and will start asking you for money.
    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: Who is George Fejer

    BARRIE eh, i live in Barrie, if you guys come up with an adress i can go check things out and investigate.. i would love to find that shop......


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