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Thread: DKOV part II

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    DKOV part II

    Another Month.
    No parts, no refund(full or partial), no calls, no letters.
    So sad. Nobody loves me.

    Rich guys buy new factory built Ferrari's. Not many rich guys on this forum.
    I know I'm not a rich guy. That was allot of my money I sent you last year.
    After taxes money. If I had not sent it to you, it would've went for stuff
    like paying bills, paying the mortgage. What did you do with my money last year?
    I know you bought some women’s underwear with your company logo on them.
    Tell me you spent my money on something more productive than that!
    That money was sent because I believed in your ability to do the job.
    That money was sent because I believed in your integrity to follow through to completion.
    That money was sent because I believed in you!

    When I agreed to send the money for the wheels,
    my understanding of what was to happen went like this:

    First week- I send the money.
    Second week- You meet with mystery wheel man in dark ally for the exchange.
    Third week- Work out shipping/final price differences.
    Fourth week- You forward the wheels to me.

    I fully expected to have wheels in my garage by the last day of that month.
    I had no idea (I know- I'm stupid) I was putting money down on speculation.
    Then came the unexpected delays & excu... explainations.
    You will agree I was VERY patient & VERY understanding.
    Upon further review, "paid last year, still waiting this year" is a good summation.
    What else has gone on during the past year?
    I hate typing. Did I mention that?
    Lets try copy & paste:

    Re:Wheels & Stuff
    « Sent to: dewey on: 01/26/04, 15:57:44 »* * * *
    * I still prefer the 3-peice wheels if that can be worked out.
    The HVAC (control unit) can be lowered to back burner status. Not a priority.
    I’m very interested in getting the pedals. Can that happen this week?
    I’d also like to have the trash steering wheel.
    Useful for mock up, while waiting for a usable one.

    * D.

    You got it.* I'll box up the steering wheel and pedals and get them out to you.
    I'll forward you a tracker for the FedEx Ground shipment to you and let you know shipping.



    That was January, 2004.
    Lets see; wheels, pedals, HVAC control unit, steering wheel.
    You have sent me nothing! Ever!
    I think thats worth repeating.
    You have sent me nothing! Ever!
    I gave up on the long list & decided to focus on the 4 Wheel set.
    You were to ship on Tuesday (March 30) at the latest.

    A month passes. No wheels.

    I called you(again). On the phone you were EXTREMELY apologetic.

    Another month passes. No parts. No calls. Nothing.
    Again I repeat: You have sent me nothing. Ever.
    What would a reasonable person be thinking at this point?
    Now everyone is reading about it in the consumer opinion section.
    You're surprised?
    C'mon! You're not REALLY surprised are you?

    Ari locked the previous postings for a month.
    You've had a month to ship the parts or refund the money.
    I can walk from Seattle to Houston in a month.
    No way does shipping take that long.
    You have decided to keep the money & the parts.
    I'm lookin forward to reading the concise, thoughtful,
    calculated, grammatically correct excus....* explanation
    for why I have nothing.

    DKOV-* Please convince me why I should still believe in you.

    * *D.

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    Re: DKOV part II

    I wonder if D. J. Golden got his parts?????

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    Re: DKOV part II

    Scott (DKOV), up until now I have not said a word about what has been happening in regards to all of the delays in shipping your products. I personally do not know both sides of the stories to the full extent, just the compaints and your replies to the complaints. What I can tell you for a fact is that spacifically because of all the complaints, the typical "salesman" answers and your lack of offering a refund or resolving the problem at hand has cost you about $2800.00 of my buisness todate. I am sure that I am not the only person on here that has gone to another vendor instead of purchasing the parts through you.

    That being said, I do think that you are an honest buisnessman who maybe just got in over his head or is going through "growing pains" and will pull out of this. Once that day is here, then I would consider you again a potential vendor.

    Please do not think I am bashing you in anyway, I just wanted you to know that your actions have cost you other buisness.

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    Re: DKOV part II


    Is this something that needs posted in the WARNING section on the Approved Vendor/builder information document we created to warn people about this type of business activity?

    The decision is yours, not mine!

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: DKOV part II

    I am happy to see we are all conducting ourselves as gentlemen this time around, especially Dewey. You have more patience than me, and I thought I was an easy going guy. I agree with every prior post in this thread; no bashing, just stating facts and situations at hand. Dave does bring up the point of the whole intent of the vendors list; to thwart this kind of repetative, negative transactions. We can complain about it all we want but some newbie that is not insync with this thread may still get taken.
    It all goes back to the old eBay feedback theory, you just dont deal with repeat negative offenders eventually making them straighten up their act or simply fold up. It's natural selection, or survival of the fittest.
    The unfortunate victims have decisions to make ???.
    5 out of 4 people are not good at fractions

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    Re: DKOV part II


    I don't blame Dewey for being upset. We worked through some stupid issues in trying to track down those other wheels and since then, I've not sent the originals that have been sitting here gathering dust.

    Note also, the Wheels are all that were paid for. I don't want anyone thinking that the other parts were paid for but not sent.

    ARi locked the thread on the 2nd which was 15 days ago and I've not sent them yet. It's totally my fault and I have no reasons why they haven't been sent. Even if I did, it doesn't sound like it matters.

    Like my good friend, John Watson, told me when I was complaining about the year delay on the car he was building for me (which is done now and ready for me )... "things came up and I needed to deal with them. It'll get done."

    As he put it, he's got his reasons and I should understand.

    Oddly, when this is me, I get ripped and misreported to John (as I'm sure I will be again).

    For the record, I'm not intending to come across cold or insensitive. It is my sincerest intention to get these wheels out the door. I also never bought any woman's underwear with my logo on them... Nobody has and I can't understand why

    Also, for the record, I'm NOT bashing on John. He was being VERY giving with his time to other folks and their projects, working with bad weather, etc. John is a stellar builder and businessman with exceptional ethics. He got involved in other dealings and for whatever reason, my project was the one that got delayed. It happend. No ill feelings. I was just relaying the feelings of MY customer that I've been taking heat from for the past year. All he heard was John's Promise that the car would be done in 3 Months and it's now finished.

    This guy's been chewing me a new one just like Dewey is now.

    I can't very well go an blame it on John, now can I? Dave will go running off and tell John about all the terrible things I'm supposedly saying about him, which I'm not. I have accepted that John's reasons were good and fine and I will deal with my Customer and make up for it.

    In Dewey's case, and in the case of the Interior I screwed up in timing, I'm taking that responsibility as well. I will deal with it. Oddly enough, I was unable to for my own personal reasons between me, the IRS and about $20,000 they helped themselves to. Yeah, more excuses, I know. Regardless, it's my issue and I have to work through it.

    I forget who mentioned it but yeah, I got more business than I could handle and was hoping to manage the growth.

    No, you don't have any reason to believe me. So don't. John makes alot of sense... you do what you can and try your best. Which I have. There's a lot of folks here that have benefited from me and my services. Stuff I've GIVEN away and extras I've tossed in at no charge let alone the stuff I have charged.

    Yep. It's been bad the past few Months. No argument there. Those of you not judging might have had some stings of bad luck in your lives and might have an idea of what this all is like. For those of you that don't, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Except maybe Dave. LOL!!!

    So... put me on the "Bad List". I guess I deserve it. Best intentions or whatever... things haven't gone my way.

    Just realize through this that bad things do happen to good folks. Dave's been waiting what... four years? To get me blacklisted here. I'm tired of fighting him.

    Every good vendor is going to screw up something major. That's a given. Every vendor on the "Approved list" has someone that will tell you all a horror story about this or that. My horror story is Dewey's wheels. I'd like to add the Interior for Dale in there too. I really screwed that one up too.

    I don't know what else to say but if any one of you were in my situation, if you even car to think about it, would have done the very same things I have. Which isn't much but fall WAY behind in a couple of your orders. My solutions and offerings have always been the same... I'll get it done. Unfortunately, lately the abiliy to follow through has been limited and frustrating.

    Keep in mind that I am NOT a vendor. I am another guy here on this forum that has been doing Favors for you folks for the past 3 years and finally decided to try and get paid for it. It was at that point my business grew way beyond my expectations. I should have said "NO" to orders once they started getting beyond me. But I was handling them fine until about Four Months ago.

    So I'll finish up the 4 builds I'm working on and hope I get paid for them. Most of my Customers are the very best Customers a guy can hope for so I'm not to worried. But these builds are IT for my income right now. Yes, even things like shipping wheels are spendy when weighing food for my 3 children and building cars in a few Months as promised rather than a Year or more.

    I'm not saying Dewey is any LESS important, I'm saying that I made plans and budgeted funds for projects that I didn't get paid on schedule for, plans to complete projects that I should have had in my shop 9 Months ago, plans to be making payments on that $20K the IRS took. Plans, plans, plans... Many of which have not happened.

    I've been stressing out about keeping all you all happy and making miracles happen that I just can't.

    I guess I can't. Even though I want to. I guess I shouldn't worry about it and just do what I can.

    I'm working this weekend cleaning up rooms at the Convention Center after the big Nike PanAm Convention for some income. If anyone wants to reach me, I'll be there. Not here on the Forum hanging out my Dirty Laundry. Hopefully, I'll bring home enough to ship Dewey's wheels and not much else.

    At least you all will be happy... probably not.

    Think about it... if I were out to rip anyone off, would I still be here trying to make it right? When things were running smoothly and everyone paid on time and I had the cash to do what I needed to, all I ever got was compliments on the SPEED of my shipments and the help I provided. Now things are not working and I don't have the money to force them. I guess this kind of reaction is normal. No, I can't blame you. I wouldn't try.

    Hell, none of you are really listening anyway.

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    Re: DKOV part II

    What I have manged to get done though...





    Car belongs to a very excited Sactodreamer.

    DKOV -

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    Re: DKOV part II

    * The car looks GREAT!* *Job Well Done!* *
    Hopefully mine will be half that good.
    Ari locked the thread (good idea) for a month. I used the first posting date.
    Note to Ari: be more specific next time.
    Your first post on the other thread was 18 days ago.
    Not a full month for you, but still three weeks. Sorry. :-[
    Glad to hear my wheels are gathering dust in your garage.
    My reason for pointing out; "you hadn't sent me anything, ever", was to
    establish a pattern of saying, "I will do A, B, C." And then not doing it.
    Isn't that what the Consumer Opinion Section is for?

    * *D.

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    Re: DKOV part II

    Dewey and Scott,

    I would like to help you both out here. I am willing to drive up to Scott's (he does not live far from me), pick up your wheels and ship them out from my business. There will be no shipping charges to anyone, but Dewey will have his wheels. I would be able to pick them up on Sunday and ship them on Monday if you would like. Picking them up during the week is difficult for me, so it would have to be done pronto.

    There is nothing in this for me, I would just like to see all this fighting and ill feelings to end - plus it is just one way for me to give back to the community. I will ship these at my expense, so nobody will owe me a thing! Does that work for you both?

    Brent Williams

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    Re: DKOV part II

    sounds too good to be true

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