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    Bondo Bob

    Great service. I had ordered a set of rearview mirrors from him after I ordered a set from DKOV (which I never got). Bondo Bob sent me the mirrors faster then I had expected. Thanx Bondo Bob.

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    Re: Bondo Bob

    Gerard, your welcome. And thank you for posting something good about someone in the consumer opinions section. It seems that everybody likes to respond to bad news(just like the main stream media)but nobody seems to care about good news.Im not trying to get a response here,Im just bringing up a fact.

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    Re: Bondo Bob

    Good job BondoBob we need more people like you in here~ :-* if I send you my F-50 replica mirrors can you make it to folding mirrors?

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    Re: Bondo Bob

    hey Bob I havnt forgotten about you...I'm trying to solidify a deal for som power mirror units. I called John and got the bad news that my came with manual mirrors (and no AIR!!!) must have started as a striiper.

    It does have power mirrors and locks thank goodness.

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