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Thread: F355 KIT Sell by parts

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    F355 KIT Sell by parts

    I found this guy Mike Packer ???on eBay, and he claims that he has the mold for 355 spyder Kit. and lots related stuff.
    Here is the link:

    I have finally decide to make amove to get some bosy parts from him....second thought....I would like to hear any voice about this guy .....just don't feel secure enough....

    I am located in Taiwan, same as Mr. Golden...
    Don't wanna ended up as the same mess. So, hopefully ....hear some positive feedback from you guys.

    BTW, he hot another personal web:

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    Re: F355 KIT Sell by parts

    His ebay auction says he's located in Seattle, Wa. When I was up in that area I tried to arrange a meeting to look at his kit. After a few emails I got the impression that he was giving me the runaround. Whatever day I wanted to meet his was no good for him and he was really hard to pin down. I didn't have a good feeling about it after that. As has been said many, many times before. John Watson's Air Dynamics 355 kit is the best out there.
    Even the longest journey begins with the first step.

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    Re: F355 KIT Sell by parts

    HEy F_Fan,

    Now you really make me feel worry...

    AD 355 is good I knwo, but will they sell me by parts, nor the whole kit package. I 'm wondering if the price will be low...

    All I need is a rear clip, engine lid, door panel, I have my front part done already.

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    Re: F355 KIT Sell by parts

    Personnally I wouldn't buy anything that expensive from such a long distance without seeing it in person. Do you know someone in the Seattle area that can meet with the seller and inspect the items in person? You might also want to arrange the packing and shipping of the items yourself by a reputable company in the area. Another option would be to establish an escrow account and the funds would be released once you recieve the items and they meet your satisfaction. If the seller won't agree to that sort of arrangment then run away.

    update: Mike from Seattle has emailed me after seeing my post and thought I was unfair in my judgement. He is correct. My negative feeling about his business was just that, a feeling or hunch. Since I didn't succesfully set up a meeting and physically check out his 355 kit I can't say with 100% certainty that he is not legit. He may have just been having a bad week. For whatever reason it was enough for me not to do business with him. In this industry everyone needs to make their own judgments and decisions based on their own due diligence and homework. Don't just take my word for it come over and check these guys out yourself. In an industry that's based on getting something that has greater percieved value than it really has ie; driving a "Ferrari" for the price of a "Fiero", the old adage is certainly true. If it looks too good to be true then it probably isn't...true that is.
    Even the longest journey begins with the first step.

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    Re: F355 KIT Sell by parts

    Without a doubt, get the parts from John. This is a simple no-brainer.

    His parts are so good that whatever extra shipping charges will be made up in time saved alone on your install. The net result will be a better kit done faster.

    On top of that youre dealing with a proven, reliable, honest person who will do his best to make sure youre satisfied.

    Dealing with anyone else in this ridiculous industry is a crapshoot.

    John 706 328 3311

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    Re: F355 KIT Sell by parts


    Modena or Anyone....

    Show me AD 's website or e-mail address.
    Phone call too costly

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    Re: F355 KIT Sell by parts

    AD has no website or email but heres powerhouse's website that has all the info you need..

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