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Thread: The DKOV Thread

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    The DKOV Thread

    It appears as though many people have had problems with DKOV (Scott). Some people also have good stories to tell as well. And these two groups of people have been filling the forum up with numerous messages which are basically repeating the same thing, and annoying everyone.

    So here is what we're going to do. This thread is going to be the one thread which contains everyone's story with DKOV. This thread is not for discussion: It is only for posting information about your business dealings with DKOV.

    This thread is only for people who have made purchases from DKOV, and is limited to one post per person. I will delete any messages in excess of that one post. I will also delete any messages posted by people who have not had business dealings with DKOV.

    If DKOV decides to return to the forum, he too will be given one message in the thread to posts his responses too.

    "Off topic" or "The trash" will be utilized to store people's discussions on the reasons/solutions to these problems.

    Sound good?

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    Re: The DKOV Thread

    Amount: $1,701.00 USD paid April 7, 2004
    2 sets Vents
    1 set OEM Gauges with Pod
    1 set 355 faux sticker set

    Scott said he sent the first package (1 Vents set 1 Gauges set 1 Sticker set) around 23~30 May 2004 which never showed up my end (no record show in USPS) no proof of receipt says he put in for a claim of refund but can't prove any document about USPS claim.

    Still owes 1 vent set which he says he has in stock but refuses to send out.

    What I wouldl like Scott (DKOV) to do: I'll resend the FedEx account number to you again so you can send me the vents set and the copy of the docment about the USPS claim or I would like a refund of my money.

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    Re: The DKOV Thread

    I to have ordered parts from DKOV and have not recieved them. At first I felt simpathetic towards the situation that DKOV was going through and I was willing to wait. After awhile I realized that I was never going to get my stuff and I decided to purchase my items again somewhere else. Thankfully for me my investment with DKOV was minimal. As for DJ Golden's investment with DKOV is very steep and DJ should have the right to bring the issue up untill he get's his money back or his stuff.

    I have waited to long, keep the money I sent. You just lost a future customer.

    I bought a 355 Build Video and a set of Rearview Mirrors. At a total of $100.00
    Granted the amount may seem minnimal compared with DJ Golden but it still is an amount that DKOV has recieved for parts that I have not yet recieved.

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    Re: The DKOV Thread

    I paid Scott $252 for a carbon fiber headliner back in February that I never recieved. I gave it a month before I emailed him and got a story about a computer crash so I emailed my contact info again. Still no headliner or even an expanation besides what was posted here on this forum.
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    Re: The DKOV Thread

    i am in touch with the F.B.I. intrenet fraud squad. If you have been diddled by dkov post your complaint here.Oregon F.B.I. will investigate the matter further.So far it appears he has stolen over 40k from members on this site.

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    Re: The DKOV Thread

    On 1-2-04 I sent Scott Kovalik a money order for a carbon fiber headliner in the amount of $228.55. I was in contact with him off and on through private messages on the Pennock's Fiero Forum. He had excuses and promised to send the headliner out. I have not heard from him in months.

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    Re: The DKOV Thread

    Hey Guys,

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune in your dealings with DKOV. I ordered an interior kit for my 355 project about a year and half ago. It took about 4 weeks to get it but I did. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. After reading all of the complaints about his guy I don't think I would do business with him again. Once again sorry guys to hear about your troubles.


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    Re: The DKOV Thread

    I'm so tired of hearing about DKOV I'm about to puke!!

    As far as I'm concerned I'm done with dealing with him. He owes me parts still, even after starting this thread about my deal with him.

    He did send me some parts about a month ago but only after someone talked him into it. And when the box arrived some of the important parts were still missing. I can't put a price on them because they were part of my interior kit which cost me $3K, I'm missing the interior door handles...... is that important to have??

    I've composed three emails to Scott since the box arrived without all of the parts. The reason I said "composed" in steed of "sent"............... I've sent a few of them 10 times each. Scott states he doesn't get my emails and I'm just trying to get at least one through to him. Along with these emails, I've PM'd him the same composed message via the forums PM system. It's been about a month with no response from him.

    If anyone wants to see my dealings or opinions about Scott you can refer to the above link. Or if you want the short version......Scott's communication skills just suck, he doesn't follow through with what he says, and he's full of SH..........

    I really don't have anymore to say about it. I'm just tired and done.

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    Re: The DKOV Thread

    Scott has always been a ripoff! I tried warning everybody about this guy along time ago. He ripped me off on ebay. He used to think he was god on this forum. He thought he knew it all, and all you guys worshipped him. he was like that idiot who calls himself meat. Another know it all.
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    Re: The DKOV Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by madmods
    Scott has always been a ripoff! He thought he knew it all, and all you guys worshipped him.
    Agreed his is a rip off and I for one did not stick up for this guy. He is a crook. There are a few others as well. Nuff said on this jerk!

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