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Thread: Ferrari of San Francisco SUCKS!!!!!!

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    Ferrari of San Francisco SUCKS!!!!!!

    Today i called down to Ferrari of San Farncisco to order a fuel door, hinge, thrid brake light, and upper rear grill panel. There prices seemed fair but the parts manger Dave is a jerk!> While I was on the phone with him I started to tell him "I have had a hard time finding......." he cust me off and said "Stop! I dont care! At all, so dont tell me!" I was like "......ok" stuned that he was so rude. The when he was finished with giving me prices i said ok I will take them, can I pay on the phone he wouldnt let me, told me fax me an invoice and if every penny was right he would then he would take payment (in a rude tone like i was trying to beat him out of money or something). It was a totaly bad experince, so i called Lyle Tanner and doug said he will see if can match the prices that they quoted me and get me the parts. My purchases at Lyle Tanner have always been great!

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    Re: Ferrari of San Francisco SUCKS!!!!!!

    If it were me.. Me being someone that likes to leave an impression I would call back and ask the manager for the Owners Email
    or Phone # because you have a camplaint against Dave " the one with a stick up his @$$" Tell him he may think he can act
    rude and unpro to others but you simpley wanted to make a purchase and this fool didn't want to take your money. Let them know you WILL go to another Dealer, that knows how to treat the ones that pay for their houses they way they should be treated.
    Always end it with the famous.. and Have a nice day! :P Its amazing how much prices will vary from one dealership to another.
    call around.. best of luck
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    Re: Ferrari of San Francisco SUCKS!!!!!!

    Yes , definately run him up the ladder. Most OWNERS realise that a rude prick will kill their business fast...
    It's amazing how some businesses stay afloat...

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    Re: Ferrari of San Francisco SUCKS!!!!!!

    He sounds like a dick, I'd just tell him right then and there that I thought he was a dick.

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    Re: Ferrari of San Francisco SUCKS!!!!!!

    If you want to get a deal and have a charge card sale over the phone call T-Rutlands in Tucker, Georgia. Talk with Ted Rutland or Chris. They also own Maranello Auto Parts of Tucker. Only Ferrari NOS. I purchased my headlights there as well as several thousands of dollars of other parts. New and used.

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