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Thread: Carbon fiber headliner from Kingdom Customs

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    Carbon fiber headliner from Kingdom Customs

    I got my CF headliner yesterday from Rick Lord of Kingdom Customs. Great quality and it looks great. After getting ripped off by DKOV last year when I ordered a CF headliner the first time I was a little nervous to order one again. I saw that Rick was selling them on Ebay and decided I would go ahead and give him a shot. There was a mix up or confusion over my address and it actually got sent to a different customer and I thought "Here we go again". Rick emailed me and told me the situation and sure enough the headliner arrived as promised.
    Bottom line is that Rick can be trusted and the product looks awesome!
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    Re: Carbon fiber headliner from Kingdom Customs

    That is what we like to hear!! That is a shame how a bad apple like Scott can leave a bad taste in our mouths and make us all a little gun shy. Congrats on the transaction for you and Rick. I think Rick suffers a little bit from former DKOV customers similar to your situation, but now that Rick has sold some interiors and headliners with no snags his reputation is where it should be.
    Just my opinion.

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    Re: Carbon fiber headliner from Kingdom Customs

    I just found this thread and I'd like to say thanks for the kind words.
    Rick Lord<br /><br />

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