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Thread: diablo front end parts

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    diablo front end parts

    I am in need of some front end parts for a 6L diablo the 2000 model.I need genuine parts if possible,i have found some parts on lambostuff ,is this company OK to deal with?or does someone know of a cheaper place to get them!I don't want parts that don't fit or that need work as they are going on a genuine diablo THANKS

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    Re: diablo front end parts

    lambostuff is where alot of the diablo builders get their parts, and i believe the guy has connections to the lambo factory too for parts with a constant demand.
    so i would say yes they are good.
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    Re: diablo front end parts

    Thanks Auto.i sent you that rubbery stuff,ot sure how long it takes.

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    Re: diablo front end parts

    then use them , the other parts may fit , may not , i know a place but not sure if they will work on a real car they claim they are copies of a real 6.0 , my brother has a 6.0 front bumper in the shed , an i do not know where it came from , but it look real good but he said it fit a Roadster DIABLO body , i,m not sure , if you want me to i can check on those fiberglass 6.0 fenders ,the 6.0 side skirts are $800.00 ( 4 pieces ) if you need some help PM me
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