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Thread: MADMIKE sold me a F355 Spider CK-3 kit

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    MADMIKE sold me a F355 Spider CK-3 kit

    Hello everyone

    This is my very first kit after looking around for a while now....It's an older CK-3 F355 Spider kit with separate rockers that Mike had sitting around his shop for a while now....It looks to be a very good build quality and the price was right...

    I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Mike for his assistance and for taking the time around the Holidays to show me around his place of business and explain to me first-hand how molds and pots are made.* Mike showed me the making of the 49 Ford replica on late model T-Birds and the Ziata Z3 kit on Miatas.* He has many projects going on and a good customer base for his new business.

    To summarize, my dealings with Mike were straighforward and honest.* All of us are used to read horror stories about buyers losing their money to flight-by-night operatots promising great looking kits but never delivering. I visited Mike's shop to see the CK-3 kit in person and it was as Mike had described it during our phone conversations and email....I do recommended anyone thinking of buying a complete kit to visit the place of business and talk to the owner if possible....Get an idea of what's included in the price and see the kit first hand to verify the quality of the parts.* I must the CK-3 kit is a first-rate quality glass and all the panels are thick and straight.

    So a BIG thanks to Mike for putting this deal together and I hope to be a repeat customer in the future....I highly recommend Mike and his replicas to anyone who's thinking of doing business with him.

    Vasilis K.
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    Re: MADMIKE - I just purchased a CK-3 F355 Spider kit

    Congrats VK!! That is great to hear you got started on the right track. Good of you to let everyone know of your dealings too, as reputations can be destroyed from one bad experience. We usually find out there are two sides to the story too.

    Good luck on your build and welcome to our obsessive madness we call the kit car world

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    Re: MADMIKE sold me a F355 Spider CK-3 kit

    Please do not purchase anything from madmike because he will steal your money. Simply run a search on both this website or for peoples experiences with this con man.

    if you are interested in one of his kits:

    go to and contact david for the z3 kit,

    or bob hess at fo a much better quality thunderbird kit.


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