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Thread: Porsche 356 Speedster

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    Porsche 356 Speedster

    Hey guys,

    New to your forum, excellent.

    Looking to buy a 356 Porsche speedster and as looking at Vintage Speedster in Calif and also heard of Beck Replicas.

    Any info anyone could provide (quality, customer service, etc) on either of these suppliers of replica 356 Porsches or any others you might recommend.

    Do they specialize just in 356's or do they dabble in other makes?

    I heard that ther tublar fram is not the way to go as you have to register it as a modern car vs when you use a VW frame you can register it as a 1973 VW ...saving on taxes and here in MAss, our yearly excise tax??? True???


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    Re: Porsche 356 Speedster

    I have owned pretty much all the major 356 replica's so my opinion is. The Vintage cars are great for the money you get a well developed product you get it on time and if all you want to do is cruise around it perfect. I used my Vintage for a daily driver for about 3 month a couple of summer ago. Mind you I live in San Diego.

    I would stay away from the beck's, and the used CMC's unless you want a fixer upper. I have a flaired CMC in the garage right now being turned into a really cut down outlaw and you can buy and then finish these types of cars pretty cheap but not for someone who does not know how to build/repair vw's.

    The final option is the Thunderranch 356's, Tom runs the shop and they offer a tube based car, I will be buying on of these for my father in the next year or so. Geat car, finish and paint is better then the vintages. (vintage has excellent paint though.) Little more expensive but if you have a extra 5K or so in the budget they can build you an amazing car.

    As for other cars, vintage has a sister shop run by Greg that produces 550 spyders. (Amazing cars but they are always behind in delivery like 14 months behind on average, plus there is a wait list sometimes.)

    Thunderranch produces, the Riot (Built one of these's) a Z based GTO, a 550 spyder and a few other smal production run stuff like the lighting (36 roadster mid engine) and the RSK 61's.

    CMC made a tone of stuff. Beck builds the lister the 550 spyder and the 356 of course.

    There are a few other manufactors out there like , Intermercada (SP?) who produces in my opinion the very best replica on the market but the price matches the quality of their work.

    Any more questions just shoot me a PM or post it here.
    1987 Mera (Sold)<br />1997 Riot (Sold)<br />1956 Vintage 356 (Sold)<br />Elite 917 (Sold)<br />65 Shelby cobra protoype (Sold)<br /><br />Looking for a complete TR512/ 550 spyder/ 356 Outlaw/ Unimog 416 Doka

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