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Thread: New OEM GM Getrag 5-speed shift cables on sale. Only $90.00

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    New OEM GM Getrag 5-speed shift cables on sale. Only $90.00

    Brand New GM original 1986-1988 V-6 5-speed MG2 Muncie/Getrag-282 SHIFTER CABLE.
    Discontinued no longer available. GM dealer price for this cable before it was discontinued on 8/1/04 was $325.00.
    This shift cable is brand new, It is not an aftermarket reproduction item. It has the heat shield material to protect the cable, new end and the rubber firewall grommet. Application:1986 5-speed SE/GT, 1987 SE/GT, 1988 GT/Formula. (all V-6 5-speed aps.)
    Reproduction cable prices are now $125.00 to $140.00. The smart money is spent buying new GM Original cables that are application correct.
    Gm Original cables don't need adjusting and you won't need you to re-use the ends, clips or firewall grommet from your old cable like you may have to do when buying reproduction cables. The shift cable is the larger diameter cable which provides the forward to back motion of the gear shift. If your shift effort is hard or stiff, your cable may stretched, melted or it's rusted inside. You won't find a lower price for this Original nos OEM GM 5-speed getrag Muncie shift cable! REG PRICE - $99.95 Blow Out Sale Starts 4-11-06 and runs the month of April or until 10 units are sold. (Previous coupons & discounts are not valid on this blow out sale price offer) Item-Muncie/5-SPDMG2

    Go to for order info, pics and detailed description

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    Re: New OEM GM Getrag 5-speed shift cables on sale. Only $90.00

    Fiero Dave:

    I received my cable today. It is brand new as you stated. I will be installing it on FunnyWheels tomorrow. I anticipate that it will work fine. I will post my comments when finished to let you know if it cures my "going into 3rd gear" grinding.

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