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Thread: Brian Riley's Products

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    Brian Riley's Products

    Since this section of the forum is for customer opinions, I would like to give this referral:

    I just purchased the Accudome Ferrari prancing horse wheel caps and engine decal from Brian Riley's site I give his products and service an A+!

    On Tuesday, I called him to check on availability and place an order. He was very courteous and informative. He even accepts credit cards via paypal. Now that's great customer service. On Thursday, the items arrived. They were wrapped meticulously as to avoid any potential damage. The craftmanship was top notch! Also included, was a well detailed invoice.

    If he offers any of the dress up accessories you need to top off your conversion, I highly recommend you give him a call. His customer service, the quality of his products and the superfast shipping has enabled me to buy with confidence. Kudos!

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    Re: Brian Riley's Products

    I have also had all positive experiances with Brian. His products are of top quality and he communicates very well when something is on back order. Take care. Bill

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    Re: Brian Riley's Products

    I too willl recommend Brian..... great person, products & service!

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    Re: Brian Riley's Products

    I've only ordered a few things but have been happy .... he seems like a pretty good guy ....

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