Just a note. I ordered a carbon fiber front splitter with rods from Ground Dynamics in California at a cost of $345.00 plus $145.00 shipping to the east coast. After 2 weeks of not getting a DHL tracking number I attempted to call Ground Dynamics. This attempt went on for 5 days until I just began pushing all the numbers on the voice mail service until someone finally answered. They told me the part I want was on a container being shipped and it would take (get this) 30 days. Next I substatued the piece I really wanted for one they had in stock. ( still a splitter with rods but a diffrent one) For $340.00 and the $145.00 shipping and 12 days later I get a freaking sheet of carbon fiber they have the balls to call a front end splitter. Beware of any dealings with Ground Dynamics and good luck trying to talk to anyone at this so called "company". They seem to put more time and effort into posters of sexy models posing next to honda civics then the produces they sell.