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Thread: Is this another ebay SCAM?

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    Re: Is this another ebay SCAM?

    I think these are the same guys who had a crashed 512TR for sale at about 5K sterling, with the interior perfect and engine working, seems a bit fishy to me alright

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    Re: Is this another ebay SCAM?

    one thing i do know is the there are less than a handfull of purple diablos in the country. JK from jamiroquai owned one, and he lent it to some pratt who crashed on the kings road. But that was years ago, also if you look at the main pick there is a face of a guy that has had his face blurred out. i would not be suprised if this is jk`s old lambo that some one has taken picks off it. Also the fact is that jk`s lambo was for sale at around 30grand because of the engine and gear box was in really good nick.
    the interior on that lambo is easly worth 3 grand. Also as usual the seller has zero feedback!<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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