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Thread: scam alert!!!

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    scam alert!!!

    please leave a comment and rate it.

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    Re: scam alert!!!

    mmm, he's been doing this for a while. Just puts the rest of the Honest builders here in a bad light. All we say is do ya homework before commiting to anything. It may take you a year to build, so what a good few weeks sourcing the right builder out of that time. There no rush dude. 8)

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    Re: scam alert!!!

    removed already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: scam alert!!!

    I pointed out earlier that this guy was a scam

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    Re: scam alert!!!

    We must try to everybody know they are deceivers, they hurt the replica´s world... :-[

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    Re: scam alert!!!

    spread the word

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