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Thread: Happy Fathers Day

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    Happy Fathers Day

    Well since no one else has posted this (I Think) Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, hope you all have a blessed day


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    Re: Happy Fathers Day

    Yea, fathers day is good.My little girl who is 9 took me and my wife to the fathers day funny car classic races last night.It was great.3 jet cars lots of funny cars, dragsters and fireworks at the end. Just a great way to spend sat night.Today cards and brunch.Just the way the day should go.Now i am at work...

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    Re: Happy Fathers Day

    That is great day! My father and me had a wonderful day with many smile.

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    Re: Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all the dads
    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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    Re: Happy Fathers Day

    It has been a great day with my kids and Junior finally won today.

    How much better can it get?
    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: Happy Fathers Day

    happy belated fathers day to all....(half day late) ;D
    just to share...
    my 6 years old daughter at her pre-school made me a hanky with all the fancy packing...
    additional, a small little crayon painted card with big heart shaped on it while all the heart melting greetings in it....
    consider a lucky dad i am...
    just to share but not show off.... ;D

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