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Thread: WOW Orange County Lamborghini-SHUT DOWN!!

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    WOW Orange County Lamborghini-SHUT DOWN!!

    Lamborghini orange county-gone belly up!! CRUD!! Rey in the parts dept. was a great guy.

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    Re: WOW Orange County Lamborghini-SHUT DOWN!!

    Not surprising, have you been down Fulton Ave lately? Word on the street is Mike Daugherty next to close down. We have lost like 16 dealerships just around Sacramento.

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    Re: WOW Orange County Lamborghini-SHUT DOWN!!

    explains why they have been dumping so many parts on ebay lately

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    Re: WOW Orange County Lamborghini-SHUT DOWN!!

    but the price of their 'buy it now' isnt of 'close down sale' price...hehe...

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    Re: WOW Orange County Lamborghini-SHUT DOWN!!

    Here's a new article about Lamborghini trying to reopen the dealership:

    Automaker Working to Reopen Lamborghini Orange County

    By Sherri Cruz

    Orange County Business Journal Staff

    Italy's Automobili Lamborghini Holding SPA is trying to help reopen its largest U.S. dealership, Lamborghini Orange County, which abruptly closed this week.

    “This is our first priority,” said Pietro Frigerio, chief operating officer for Automobili Lamborghini, a unit of Germany’s Volkswagen AG that is in the process or relocating its North American headquarters to Santa Monica.

    The automaker declined to say how it was helping or provide any word on the status of Lamborghini Orange County.

    The Santa Ana dealership, the nation's top seller of pricey Italian Lamborghinis, closed due to undisclosed financial issues that aren't related to the economy.

    “We do not have all of the information and, therefore, cannot comment on the status of Lamborghini Orange County’s financial situation,” Frigerio said.

    He said the management at Lamborghini Orange County made a few "unfortunate business decisions, independent of Automobili Lamborghini, which have caused the current issues that they are trying to resolve now.”

    Siblings Vik, Nora, Sossi and Astrid Keuylian own and run Lamborghini Orange County.

    Their 4,000 square-foot Calabasas Lamborghini dealership, which opened in 2007, also is closed.

    Calls made to the family haven't been returned.

    Earlier this week, the dealer’s receptionist said it was undergoing an “ownership change” and would reopen in about 10 days.

    Phones weren't being answered Thursday.

    Representatives for the state attorney general's office and the Orange County district attorney’s office said they have no information about the dealership's closure.

    Lamborghini owners for now will have to turn to Lamborghini Beverly Hills or Lamborghini San Diego for service.

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    Re: WOW Orange County Lamborghini-SHUT DOWN!!

    When the economy goes south, the toy business follows. At least that was how it reacted when I owned my motorcycle shop.
    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: WOW Orange County Lamborghini-SHUT DOWN!!

    This isn't surprising, I went to Lamborghini of Atlanta last week and heard a phrase the shouldn't normally be associated with high end cars. The salesman said that they had some "really aggressive sales this month." Thing's are tough for a lot of business'.

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