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Thread: Does any one kno?

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    Does any one kno?

    Aol deleted millions of peoples web sites and blogs with out any prior notice! Millions of pix and data belonging to people were lost because Aol shut down People are now talking about suit. I had a 512TR & my mirage 308 site i worked on for two years! I'm not gonna cry over this whats done is done. Does any one kno a place where one can build a web site with little or no cost? Please list any you may kno of and Thanx.....

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    Re: Does any one kno?

    what was your site address?
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    Re: Does any one kno?

    my site address for my 308 was.

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    Re: Does any one kno?

    That's odd - they gave me a mail saying it was closing Oct 31. You never know, maybe they still have the files on their server and would send them to you. I doubt they deleted the data, just closed the network connection.

    Google 'free hosting' - lots of companies offer the service, of course the ads and popups will be present, or just limited file size/bandwidth, hoping you'll pay to upgrade. Otherwise, try Hosting your site and domain can cost less than $70/yr.

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    Re: Does any one kno?

    Good one is AOL needs to disappear anyway. Angelfire still active?

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