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Thread: A few newbie questions

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    A few newbie questions

    I have a few questions I would like to ask, in a few years I would be interested in building my very own kit car such as a Murcielago or a Diablo.
    1)Is it hard to find these donor cars?
    2)Do most local auto companies sell these donor cars? ( mr2, fiero etc )
    3)What are a few good reputable sites for buying kits?
    4)Do these kits include seats? (I've seen photos where the inside is very nice)

    Please and thank you!

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    Re: A few newbie questions

    1- donor cars are not hard to find. A decent condition Fiero will cost $1500-2000, a low mileage model around $5K. You can get a donor for next to nothing, but you get what you pay for. On a fiero, check under the sides of the trunk carpet for extensive rust damage on the frame rails - there's always rust there, but rust holes are bad...
    2-Look on ebay or, maybe Pennock's Fiero forum -
    3-If you're building a Diablo, I'd recommend a 1/2 finished kit from ebay - there's usually something someone's given up on, and selling for cheap.
    The companies that make Murci's are mostly underground, due to fear of legal action from Lamborghini(Audi).
    4-Most of the ones I've seen have seat shells - you have to upholster the seat and padding yourself.

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    Re: A few newbie questions

    Do alot of homework before you buy. And sadly there are folks out there that WILL RIP YOU OFF. Start here on this forum and read ALOT. Decide what you really want. And I agree with RHK if you want a diablo buy a unfinished one off of ebay or here, especially with christmas coming folks may need $$$ fast. You may come across a assume deal soon. But be patient and make sure you dont buy into someone elses nightmare unknowingly.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    Building a F40 replica, 4.9 caddy, 5 speed.

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    Re: A few newbie questions

    Thanks guys, is it worth buying on ebay? considering the shipping etc? people cannot scam you on ebay right?
    And about finding donor cars, i'm looking for them in a FEW years.. it doesn't make sense because they are out of production and it is still easy to find them?

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    Re: A few newbie questions

    There will always be Fiero's and MR2's to build from. Even though the Fiero's are out of production, thereare alot of enthusiests out there who have them.
    If you're planning to start your build in a couple years, I would go with the Murcielago. People are still coming out with new Murcie kits all the time, whereas, there are'nt many people still making Diablo's, so a complete kit and parts may be a little harder to find. By then, you'll probably be able to pick up a Murcie kit relatively cheap, and finding parts for it will be easy.
    As far as Ebay, you can still get ripped-off. Paypal is your only real protection on Ebay, and even then you can loose your money if someone closes their account after you've paid them.
    The best advice is go and see the kit in person, and dont pay until you've got it loaded on your trailer, and are satisfied with the purchase.
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    Re: A few newbie questions

    So in a few years, there will still be a ton of MR2's and Fiero's, right? Basically there are no ends to the cars + the kits. Do kits include the badges, the seats etc the inside? All i've seen listed was the outside. I live in B.C. Canada, and i'm not sure if there are any kits around here. How can I seen the kit in person? or is there one around B.C.?

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