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Thread: Vector ???

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    Vector ???

    Just a question guys,
    How come know one talks about the Vector, or makes kits for it. Just wondering.
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    Re:Vector ???

    That's a good question. The Vector M12 is one of my favorite cars. If I had the means to create a new kit car, and it was going to be a replica, that would probably my first choice. The styling rivals anything Lamborghini ever built (although Lamborghini used to own Vector), and there probably isn't a need to worry about Lawyers shutting you down.
    The market might not be that big for it though. Seems most people want a car that people will recognize. Most people aren't familiar with the Vector.
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    Re:Vector ???

    Is this the car you are referring too...

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    Re:Vector ???

    No, that's a McLaren F1.
    Here is info on the Vector M12:
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    Re:Vector ???

    There was something about the vector in a hidden link on the price of his site, but the main page is no longer up.
    This is as close as I could get, try emailing the guy on the site to take it any further...

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    Re:Vector ???

    That's the VectorM12... It has too much of this and not enough of that... not desirable to me!!


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    Re:Vector ???

    i like the back of the vector with all the vents it reminds me of a saleen but the front has to be re done it looks like one of those cars you would seen on a movie like tron or total recall
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