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Thread: Question about molds prices

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    Question about molds prices

    Hi guys !!
    I have seen a lot of large things built from fiberglass sell for a few hundred bucks... The car pannels sell for thousands, sometimes 10-15K... I can understand that more precise and twisted things are more difficult to do but...

    Does anybody know about moulds and how expensive they are to make... what kind of moulds do kitcar manufacturers use? Wood? Plastic? Metal?



    P.S. why don smilies work with this anymore (at least on my computer) )))

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    Re:Question about molds prices

    The smiles don't work due to a javascript error in the new forum... you need to type them in manually for now unfortunately :P

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    Re:Question about molds prices

    I you were to pay a good fiberglass shop to make molds, get you pocket book ready. Most of the cost is labor, then materials. Gel-coat ,especially tooling gel-coat is pretty expensive stuff. If you learn the proper way to perform fiberglass repair, you could make a good mold yourself.I will try and find a link that shows a guy building a hot-rod ford mold, it explains alot. What type of cars are you wanting to make a mold of.Most kitcar companies use polyester fiberglass, it the cheapest to use. Most of the prices of body pannels like hood scoops and hoods are way overpriced , some of them have about anywhere from $40-50 dollars in materials and another $50 in labor if that, then they turn around and sell the parts for $400-500 dollars, that some pretty easy money , i know i left out the overhead and other stuff, but a good company can whip out these parts in no time. the guy that helped me , had a shop in his back yard and it wasn't a hugh shop like you think, he and his wife and two daughters made a lot of money. Made everything from small duck doats, ambulance tops, bumper boats at fun-parks,chairs and tables, and a lot more. He lived out in the country and a hole in the wall town, had a truck come and pick up the parts when he had made a certain number of them. I only wish he was still in business, so i could take over the company, he had to retire due to health problems, not from the fiberglass, long history of illness that ran in his family.Hope i haven't talk too long ,this is the link i was talking about.

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    Re:Question about molds prices

    In order to make a good quality set of molds for a car, on average you are looking at approx $3500 in materials alone.On average the labour cost for a custom fiberglass shop is around $40-50 per hour.The overhead for fiberglass production is fairly high due to air purification units, high heating costs in the winter, cleaning materials,etc, etc etc......All this brings the cost of making a set of auto molds up to the $10 000 price range with labour.One major process people forget takes up alot of labour, is all the fine sanding and polishing that needs to be done.
    Keith S. / DRM Motorsports

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