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Thread: Space Shuttle Prayers...

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    Space Shuttle Prayers...

    Our prayers and support go out to the families of the brave and heroic crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

    Our deepest sympathies and highest honor to your loved ones.

    In highest regard,

    Scott Kovalik

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    Re:Space Shuttle Prayers...

    AMEN!! May God comfort these families in this great loss.
    Deepest Sympathy, Jon Menger

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    Re:Space Shuttle Prayers...

    With Deepest Respect !!
    AMEN !!

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    Re:Space Shuttle Prayers...

    As I hang my head in the deep sorrow of tragedy, I pray not only for the souls of the seven who are now in the hands of god, but that we strive with renewed dedication and drive to achieve the lofty dreams of the heavens that these heroes worked, lived, and sacrificed themselves for.
    In the name of Our Father, who art in heaven,
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    Re:Space Shuttle Prayers...

    My thoughts are with all who were touched by this tragedy. The families, NASA employees, and all countries that undertake this dangerous business,,,,,,,,,,in space.

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    Re:Space Shuttle Prayers...

    There is great sadness in America......
    May we all take time to pray for those who died....

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    Re:Space Shuttle Prayers...

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    Re:Space Shuttle Prayers...

    This is a great sadness for the whole world - a human life is a terrible thing to be lost before its time. My thoughts and prayers go out to the astronauts familes and friends.

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