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Thread: An Update: What's been happening

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    An Update: What's been happening

    A quick update for everyone on the status of the forum:

    I have an INSANE amount of work these days...!
    Aside from having Mid-Term Exams and a few Term Papers due in the next two weeks, I am also in the process of directing/producing a movie I wrote for a local film festival (submission deadline: two weeks), am still finishing the move of my other sites over to the new server, as well as starting a new web site (not kit car related). And then there's the social events university is known so well for!

    So here's whats been going on with the forum:

    1) I have been compiling a list of the errors that you have all submited, and will work my hardest to get them fixed. To be realistic though I probably won't be able to start sifting through the code for at least another three weeks, just no time.

    2) The links page is basically done, . You can submit links if you like, It would be greatly appreciated if you link back to this site if I have linked to you. I will put a temporary link at the top of this page to the links page until I have time to reprogram the menu at the top.

    3) A lot of great ideas concerning meetings/yearly events have been suggested over the last few days. Although they'd be really cool, I just don't have time to organize them. If any of you are willing to take initiative, be my guest.

    4) As mentioned before, I am going to start selling banner ad space to help pay for server fees. The system will work similarly to the one on Pennocks Fiero Forum. Companys may purchase ads just like they would on any other site, while individuals will be able to donate money to a "supporters ad" if they like, as well as have their name and amount donated listed on the "supporters page". More info on all this later.


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    Re:An Update: What's been happening

    sounds good! what are you taking at school? my gf goes to mcgill in MTL so i might be passing through in june. might have to stop by and take a look at the kit! ;D

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    Re:An Update: What's been happening

    Ari, for as busy as you are, you have done an excellent job maintaining and being involved with this website. I give you props for all your hard work.

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    Re:An Update: What's been happening

    You are doing a great job Ari!!

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