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Thread: HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

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    HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    Guys, I was just browsing through the usual Ebay Ferrari Ads, when i spotted an ad for a 360 Replica built on an MR2 Chassis, I look into the ad and I see pictures of my car!!! Some guy is selling my car without my consent. And to make matters worse, he used some old crappy pictures that look terrible on the AD. He is ruining it for me, because when i was going to place the ad on Ebay, I was going to show complete pics of the Front, Rear, Engine Room and my newly done interior. But now..... I dont know, i am so dissapointed. I could potentially loose serious buyers.

    What can i do?

    Heres the link

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    Re:HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    I would notify E-Bay as soon as possible.Looks like fraud.
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    Re:HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    hey 360
    i just ripped into that moran in an email...

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    Re:HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    You could put lots of high-resolution pics, with something like your e-mail blended to them (kinda like The Powerhouse does), and to show that these are pictures of your car, you put on the ad something like 'If you want me to take pictures of something specific on the car, at any angle, contact me and I'll take them for you'.... And then of course, you also blend your e0mail or something like it to these pictures too.

    Man, what a jurk scammer! We just hope eBay takes his ad off, for fraud by using your pictures and also for using the words 'Ferrari' and 'Modena' in the ad.
    Man, this just gives you the will to get this guy's address just to go there and beat the @#$%& out of him!
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    Re:HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    I hope you don't mind, but I sent an e-mail to the guy. It said:

    "Hey, Luis!
    I didn't know you were selling your baby, dude!
    I told you that if you wanted to sell it, I WANT TO BUY IT, why in the name of Hilton did you put an ad in eBay?!?!
    Look man, I still think we can make a deal. You sure could've given me a call but that's ok. Why the pictures in the ad are so small? By the way, did you take new ones? I liked the ones you sent me last time, but if you could send me one of the interior, just the interior nothing else, that would be cool. Chris is just beging me to come home with a 360 spyder!
    Can I call you tonight so we can talk the deal?
    Nice talking to you again dude, talk to you tonight,

    Let's see what the scammer will answer...

    Man, I'm gonna get the guy's address, then go there with a baseball bat.

    360SPYDER, you may wanna modify your old posts with the pics of your car with other ones with something written over them, so this wouldnt happen again...
    When this baby hits 88 mph, we're gonna see some serious sht!

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    Re:HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    Atleast EBAY is nice enough to post the contact info :-)

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    Re:HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the listing.

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    Re:HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    Yeah... his 'error' must have been an identity crisis!
    When this baby hits 88 mph, we're gonna see some serious sht!

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    Re:HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    This punk wont even respond to my emails, Oh well, I just feel sorry for the guy.

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    Re:HELP??? PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    360 If you want me to water mark your photos... let me know and I email them back to you
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