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    Hi ..

    Does anyone know where i can find Porsche Replicas

    Please Reply !!1


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    Exotic Illusions makes a Porsche Boxter style body kit for the Fiero, But as mentioned in another thread they will be out for a while due to a fire.

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    Re maker go to under fourms in the general section,go back a page and some people put up some sites.

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    i'll try that
    Thanks BonboBob

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    The guy that built my 360 and will be building my roadster, builds those Carrera GT super cars, IN fact he had a project at his place when I went to visit him yesterday. I think he sells those kits fully loaded for about 25 to 30K.

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    Hey, if you are willing to import kits from Brazil, you could buy 911 replicas from there. Either to VW pan or tube chassis.

    Check out this other post:;threadid=431
    When this baby hits 88 mph, we're gonna see some serious sht!

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    Hey 360 whats the contact info for the guy who makes the gt super car kits i want to get with him oh dose he sell just turnkeys or will he sell kits let a bro know....
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