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Thread: thoughts on this vendor

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    thoughts on this vendor

    I have seen this guy kit advertise on several different website
    but with different email address. This makes me suspicious about
    the guy business practices. Does anybody know anything about
    him and his business.


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    Re:thoughts on this vendor

    Highly recommended, this guy is really honest. He built a 355 coupe for a friend of mine and did a very excellent job, he comes through on time, returns calls and emails promptly. He has been around for a while, the only thing negative thing i can say is that he is always really busy, and it takes him time to start projects. But make it your common practice to use common sense and discretion.

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    Re:thoughts on this vendor

    I bought a used kit and contacted this company for some help!would not help me at all PERIOD!

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    Re:thoughts on this vendor

    Did you buy the used kit from the company? If not, I wouldn't really think it be their responsibility to help you, although it would be good will.

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    Re:thoughts on this vendor

    I had some conversations with the owner recently. He uses a lot of other people’s cars on his site to advertise as his own. I am one of them (Red Mirage with open door showing separate rocker). I have requested he remove it, but has not done so. I do not know anyone who has actually done business with him other than a guy name Steve Sancho that is affiliated with this company and B&B Spyders in Clearwater.

    Better, be careful!

    Why not contact John Watson of Air Dynamics to get the correct information, he knows all three of them and might share some war stories with you. John also happens to build a very good 355 kit.
    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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