don't you hate it when you look at your Iphone, when you are getting ready to quickly nick down to the shops the get some dinner. you think, "nar, won't need the phone, i know what i need and the family has told me what they need". you proceed down to the local supermarket.........and you turn into your parking spot..when.....what was that!! you turn to your left and see through a few cars parked a few rows away, something low....what could that be! your heart pounds, you know it is something good.... you quickly reverse out of your park, trying to not look too earger to check this thing out. first thing i noticed was that it was low, next, that it was stainless steel!! couldn't be!!....but it was, my first ever australian delorean sighting. it had club victorian plates, left hand drive (for everyone else on this board, that is the wrong side LOL) and looked awesome. no flux capacitor though LOL it looked all origonal too, but then again, it was the first one i have ever seen. i parked next to it... scrambled for my Iphone to take 50 photos......dam it!! i thought that i wouldn't need it. i was sooo wrong! an sooo annoyed. oh well, thats what you get for being lazy LOL. will be remembering that for a while.