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Thread: Donor Cars

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    Donor Cars

    Hey to all! (My First Post)

    I know that the Fiero, MR2, Corvette and Vw's are all donor cars, but are there any more? Could you use a body that didn't need so much stretching or body modification? I was looking into a Ford Probe or something? The dimensions are as follows:



    Ferrari 360

    I am new to all of this so any info would be great. I already have a probe and I am trying to save some money.


    Brandon Haas
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    Re:Donor Cars

    Hey Spyderman,
    My kids love ya;) Welcome to our little family.

    You can use just about any car you want as a doner. The hard part is finding a kit for that doner, but you can always make your own body. If you want something like a Ferrari or Lambo, you have to keep in mind that the engine is in the rear, hence the use of VWs, Fieros and MR2s. There are exceptions to that, though, as Camaros/Firebirds have been used as Ferrari doners.

    In a nutshell, your possibilities are endless. It's a matter of what you want and how much you're willing to spend.
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    Re:Donor Cars

    Hold on, a Fiero donor can cost nothing. Sell your Probe and buy 5 Fieros. I paid $400 for my Fiero, I drove it home and sold all the parts off it for about $600 then I dragged the rest of the junk to the local wreckers and got another $25
    A stripped Diablo looks remarkably like a Fiero in the passenger compartment.
    Any kit that uses a Probe is going to look pretty unique.

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    Re:Donor Cars

    Well, now that I have thought about what I wrote....I can honestly say that I really dont know what i was talking about because the rear engine cars as donors make sense. I would love to see a probe stripped down and converted to rear engine but it would be nearly impossible and way too much money.

    So with all of that said.....Anyone looking for a probe?

    Just kidding, I will post it in the autotrader or something


    Brandon Haas
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    <br />355 or 360 in a matter of a long time.

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