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Thread: How much can u cut, fiero doors....

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    How much can u cut, fiero doors....

    HI all,

    With all the AD355's here, I figured this would be the best place to ask this question..... When you cut off the bottom of the fiero door to make room for the new rocker, how close to the bottom of this new door is the window?

    Basically, how much can you cut off the fiero door till the window would no longer be able to fit?
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    Re: How much can u cut, fiero doors....


    I cut mine about 1" - 1.5" up (can't rememebr exactly) and took the bottom 1" or so off the window tracks. The tracks are now pretty much at the bottom of the door.

    Remember though that the 355 bodies have the door tops about 2" higher than the stock Fiero window scrapers so you have lots of room to cut some of the door bottom off and adjust the window stops a bit higher, and still have the window go below the top of the door edges.

    Hope that made sense.

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