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Thread: Why sell your kit?

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    Why sell your kit?

    I see alot of ppl selling their kits right after they finish them. Why? Is it the challenge of building or just that you get burnt out, or is it some other reason besides money?

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    Re: Why sell your kit?

    i dont really know why either..i havent built my first one i cant say..but lord willing im planning to keep every one i ever build..

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    Re: Why sell your kit?

    Because you always know you can do better. Murcie-me has just finished his car and there are already so many new kits and parts that could of made it a little better. hes smart for not selling it though because you can keep chasing that little extra for a long time

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    Re: Why sell your kit?

    Reminds of the phrase: The pasture always look better on the other side.
    .......Sumething like that.

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    Re: Why sell your kit?

    No the real reason we sell after we finish these is because we are perfectionists. We constantly are changing stuff or working on something to make it better. We finally realize that they are money pits and we must decide to wash our hands and be done with it.
    If you have never completed one you would not understand.

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    Re: Why sell your kit?

    I've often wondered this ! good question.

    I for one have spent 3 intensive years building mine and selling it, is just not an option.

    However just to throw something into the equation ..... is it people have achevied the look of the car they wanted then
    were actually dissapointed in how the car drove, ie ride ,functionality , noise etc ... ?

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    Re: Why sell your kit?

    alot of reasons for builders to sell their built when it's half way done..
    (i guess)..

    -some builders take too long to built. by the time of half built, new, nicer, easier built and cheaper kit were made.
    -builders realise its not easy to built a kit car.
    -builder realise more and more $ need to dump on the kit car and is not worth it.
    -manufacturer's after sales service sux.
    -marriage/kids coming soon.
    -need more space.

    and the list goes on.

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    Re: Why sell your kit?

    It's been my experience that kit car builders are pretty hardcore. It takes sooo much more effort to complete one of these than to put together a production car with aftermarket parts-a-plenty. Gotta keep busy doing what we love to do... Ooooh yeah, anyone want to buy a 512 TR? ;D

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    Re: Why sell your kit?

    i just sold both of mine this summer

    my orange V-12 diablo roadster and the Murci

    the orange V-12 was a GREAT car and would preform very good , no problems handling or power , the v-12 ran smooth as silk and sounded awesome !

    there are a few different reasons i sold them
    the main reason was the WOW factor , people would not leave me alone when out for a drive and if i stopped somewhere it was a parade of people and at times it was almost harassing . i would get followed all the time with people taking pictures and videos and would have to make sure i was not followed home .
    i could not leave the car outside at home because people would stop all the time to see it ! it got very old .

    i know i can always build one better and after finishing i was like ok what next ? i love to build and needed another project .

    i do love the lambos and miss my cars but i needed $$$$ to build again and i can always build another lambo if i want .
    so i bought a FFR 33 hot rod kit .
    this will be a 40k build with the best of everything .


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    Re: Why sell your kit?


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