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Thread: 3d modelling made a lot easier! :o

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    3d modelling made a lot easier! :o

    This is really cool and the possibilities are amazing! n=Feed:+wired/index+(Wired:+Index+3+(Top+Stories+2))&utm_content =Google+UK

    what do you guys think of it

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    Re: 3d modelling made a lot easier! :o

    Its a very interesting idea, there are limitless uses for this, however, it needs further development. From the video show, it is scanning a building with roughly 30 or so faces, and it still had random faces over them. Imagine this trying to scan a car model with thousands upon thousands of angles. It would take you longer to clean it up then it would be to make a 3d model from scratch.

    I can see the inventor of this making a huge fortune in gaming, scan your items in real life, and have it in game.

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    Re: 3d modelling made a lot easier! :o

    the laser scanner i use has 30,000 points per cm square and it cost 72k the software to use it costs 22.5k plus 4k per year in maintence (gbp) and the team behind it has 20 dedicated programers updating ever 3 months
    theres a reason for it
    ive seen a scan from the $2995 nextengine looks great until you remove the picture image overlay, theres a void between a scan and a usable scan and its large! and hte knowlede to rectify thefact no scan produces a sharp edge is around 8 years of experiance
    but it is good to see and advancement is needed always and it opens up knowledge to more poeple which then makes more poeple come to us!

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