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Thread: Carbon Fiber and f/g work

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    Carbon Fiber and f/g work

    Hey just a small alteration here.

    I am looking to do your carbon fiber pieces for your ride. Ive said this before, but Ill post it again. Carbon Fiber Creations is under new ownership.

    Let me know if you have any pieces that you'd like done in pure carbon fiber, or even overlays.

    I guarantee you'll be happy..

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    Re: Carbon Fiber and f/g work

    Where are you located?

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    Re: Carbon Fiber and f/g work

    I'm in Glendale, Arizona

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    Re: Carbon Fiber and f/g work

    Quote Originally Posted by CFcreations
    Hi guys,

    Business has been slow so i thought i would post up my services. I do mold building, carbon fiber and fiberglass molded parts. I can get any cf weave you may want, or kevlar, or hybrid carbon-kevlar weaves.

    Carbon fiber interior parts are always nice, but if you need something else hit me up. I also do carbon fiber overlays on existing parts. I'll be doing an entire MR2 dash with cf overlay. Real cf and clear epoxy... automotive clear coated.

    Looks like you do some mighty fine work. What brand epoxy are you using for your pieces.

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