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Thread: test Larry Ck this out

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    test Larry Ck this out

    The Prezzz

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    Re:test Larry Ck this out

    ;D You da man! Question is ,,,,,,,,,,can you see it yet? I'm assuming this is you but you don't appear to be frozen. Must have been June since your only wearing a sweatshirt. Don't be shy,,,,,,keep sharing the pics. I was just telling a guy today that you figured out the electric windows. We'll need to talk on that one again. For those of you just joining us,,,,,,,Prezz (as he is know on his web site) here is finishing off the OPERATIONAL louvers on his Countach. He says they open at (#?) and then close at another temp that I can't remember either. He's a slow typer,,,,,but a nice guy that will answer any question about the Fiero or his projects. Get him talking! 8)

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    Re:test Larry Ck this out

    I am running Nortons 2003 on my sys. it auto sets add blocker so I couldn't see pics, once I disabled it everything came up.
    Now I just have to figure out why it looks at my pictures as adds?
    I took some pics. of tail lights so you can see them I will post them today some time.
    The Prezzz

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